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Williston, North Dakota Car Insurance

Williston is a small town in Northwestern North Dakota. Before recent oil deposits were discovered, it was a safe, quiet rural town. After the oil discovery, however, the town has become like a boomtown gold rush town from the Wild West. Oilfield workers and people who are interested in making quick money have flooded the small town, bringing crime and housing problems with them. Residents will likely see their car insurance rates rise quickly as the theft and violent crime rates continue to rise in the small town.

Soaring Crime Rates Lead to Rising Insurance Rates

Insurance companies base their rates on the risk that a driver will have to file a claim. They use all sorts of statistics, from the customer's driving history to the crime and accident rates in the customer's zip code. A high crime rate is a red flag to an insurance company because it means there is a better chance a customer's car will be vandalized or stolen. High crime rates can also lead to higher accident rates as criminal activity can cause people to drive erratically. Williston residents might not have seen a dramatic increase in their car insurance rates, but it is a good bet that the price hikes will show up in the next few years.

Theft Reports Triple in One Year

Police in Williston reported that they responded to three times the number of theft calls last year compared to the year before last. They believe that this year's numbers will be even higher. Most of the thefts involve prescription medication that is being stolen and sold illegally. The number of oilfield workers who are failing drug tests is on the rise, as well. Car insurance companies will look at the rise in illicit drug use and recognize the possibility that more people are operating vehicles while under the influence. This added danger will increase the likelihood of car insurance rates going up for everyone in town in the near future.

Demand Keeping Oil Prices High

Williston's boom doesn't look like it will end any time soon. Although longtime residents are anxious for the oil boom to end, the national and worldwide demand for oil is still rising. The city will need to find ways to cope with the large influx of oil prospectors as long as there is money to be made by drilling the oil fields. There is a possibility that some drivers might reduce their consumption of gasoline as prices continue to rise, but those reductions will probably not put a dent in the overall oil demand.

Small Police Force Unable To Keep Up

Last year Williston employed 26 police officers. At the moment, those officers are stretched to the limit trying to keep up with the sudden increase in crime rates. The city does have plans to hire more officers and increase training so that the police are better equipped to handle their new workload in the future. Until the police can catch up with the crime, however, residents will have to increase their car insurance budgets. To compare prices on car insurance in Williston, enter your zip code in the form on this page.