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Wichita, Kansas Car Insurance

Getting where you need to go in Wichita, Kansas is nearly impossible unless you own a car. The city's infrastructure is designed in such a way that it is difficult to move around comfortably by walking, riding a bicycle, or taking public transportation. The fact that everyone in Wichita has to drive themselves everywhere could have a negative impact on the price of insurance in the area because the odds of being involved in a car accident are higher due to the increased number of vehicles on the road.

Limited Bus Schedule

Wichita does offer a public bus system for people who need to navigate the city. Unfortunately, the buses only run between 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. There are no buses available overnight or on Sundays. If someone needed to rely on the bus system for their daily existence, they would have to schedule their shopping, working, and any entertainment during the hours when the buses are available. There is some concern about the safety of the buses in the evenings in some parts of town, as well. It is safer and more convenient to drive if possible.

Unsafe to Walk at Night

People who are interested in lowering their car insurance rates by walking instead of driving will be disappointed with their options in Wichita. The streets are unsafe for walkers, joggers, or bike riders after dark in many areas. Even the neighborhoods surrounding the university are not comfortable for someone on foot. There are a high number of police on duty in Wichita, but they cannot be everywhere at once. Anyone who is thinking of walking the streets of Wichita should limit their excursions to the daylight hours.

Demographics Not Ideal for Mass Transit

The communities in Wichita are spread relatively thin throughout the city. The low population density makes it difficult to pinpoint the best places for mass transit drop-off and pickup points. There is a general feeling that everyone should buy a car anyhow, which makes it difficult for a public transportation system to be effective because the car culture is so prevalent. Light rail or commuter trains have been suggested, but no plans are currently in the works to begin a rail project. As parking becomes more difficult in the downtown area, residents may become more forceful in demanding better mass transit for the city.

Lack of Enthusiasm for Bicycle Riders

Riding a bicycle in Wichita can be more dangerous than driving a car. There are no bicycle lanes on any city streets. Very few public buildings offer parking for bicycles. Since Wichita drivers are not used to watching for bike riders, they can be unaware of the rules of sharing the road with a bicyclist. While there are no easy ways to live in Wichita without owning a car, car insurance is inevitable for most residents. You can find out if you are paying the best rate for your car insurance by filling out the form at the top of this page.

Wichita is the most populous city in Kansas and the fifty-first largest city in the United States. Perhaps best known for its role in the development of the airplane industry, today both Boeing and Airbus maintain facilities there as well as several smaller airplane manufacturers. As is the case with many of cities in the Great Plains, most people drive automobiles to get around the city and the surrounding area.

Most than 80 percent of residents use their own automobiles to commute to work and handle other transportation needs. Walking, cycling, and public transportation combined amount to less than 15 percent of all regular transportation in Wichita.

In 2008, Wichita had 8,246 separate auto accidents, 21 of which resulted in fatalities and 2,628 resulted in injuries. Of the accidents resulting in fatalities, 26 people died. Of those car accidents resulting in injuries, 3,678 people were injured. As is usually the case, urban areas have a higher percentage of auto accidents and this directly affects the price drivers are expected to pay for insurance.

With 8,246 accidents, Wichita accounted for almost 38 percent of all accidents in Kansas and had more than twice as many as any other city in the state. Over all, the majority of these accidents were caused by driving too fast, with some 1,135 of these accidents having speed-related causes.

By law, all drivers in Kansas are required to have at least a minimum level of liability insurance and the driver has to be able to furnish proof of this insurance on demand.

These minimum standards must cover fixed amounts for liability (bodily injury and property damage), personal injury protection (encompassing a wide range of potential personal health care and survivor benefits), and uninsured/underinsured coverage (for bodily injury if the other driver does not have proper insurance).

Most car insurance policies sold in Wichita will meet these minimum standards and this offers the most cost effective insurance option to drive legally in Wichita and Kansas in general.

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