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Westminster, Colorado Car Insurance

Westminster is an affluent suburb of Denver and with a population of around 108,000 people it is the eighth biggest city in the state by population. Founded originally by gold prospectors, Westminster has always been closely ties to Denver and remains so today. Being a wealthy suburb, in 2006 Westminster was ranked by Money magazine as the twenty-fourth best place to live in the United States. Westminster is well known in the region for its well endowed open space system of parks, trails, ponds, and lakes that make it easy to enjoy the great outdoors without straying off into the mountains. The open space system makes Westminster popular with runners, bicyclists and many other outdoors sportspeople in the greater Denver metropolitan area. Another draw to the city for people in the area is Westminster Mall, one of the premier retail outlets in the greater Denver metropolitan area.

Less than twenty percent (18.4 percent) of the work force that lives in Westminster actually works in the city; instead virtually everyone commutes to other areas for their job. Not surprisingly, this means that almost everyone in Westminster has their own car, with more than ninety percent of residents commuting to work via their own private vehicle or carpooling. Despite a brief anomaly in 2005, Westminster consistently rates well below the state average for the number of auto accidents as well as related fatalities and injuries. Nevertheless, since Westminster is a part of the larger Denver metropolitan area, the risk assessment factors are not in the insurance consumer's favor, so having a Westminster address may result in receiving a higher premium.

Colorado in general has seen a steady and consistent reduction in the average cost of auto insurance throughout the 2000s. In 2003 Colorado residents paid an average of $923 for car insurance, while by 2007 this was down to $738. The primary driver for this reduction in average expenditure and general downward pressure on insurance prices has been the fierce competition between insurers throughout the state. This means that is in every Colorado resident's best interest to carefully explore and compare all of the car insurance options open to them.

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