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Wasilla, Alaska Car Insurance

Though somewhat removed from Anchorage proper, Wasilla is part of the greater Anchorage metropolitan area, which is home to some 364,000 people. Since the Parks Highway was completed in 1975, Wasilla has gradually evolved from a somewhat isolated agricultural community into a suburb of Anchorage. Most of the city's work force routinely commutes to Anchorage for work. Like most suburban communities, the local economy is based on retail and service businesses, though there are a number of government offices and other enterprises based in Wasilla. In 2008 Wasilla got some additional publicity as the city that Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin served as mayor of.

Wasilla had the fourth highest number of auto accidents in Alaska in 2007, which is not too surprising since it is part of the Anchorage metropolitan area and most of its works force commutes into and out of Anchorage on a daily basis. Wasilla had 305 accidents, two of which resulted in fatalities and nine of them resulted in serious injury. This means that Wasilla is one of the few communities in Alaska where simply living there may have a negative impact on your premium amount. Further, like most suburban communities elsewhere, having a motor vehicle is essential to living in Wasilla, so the insurance companies can afford to charge extra for the premium since it is a captive market.

One way around this is to simply not purchase insurance. Like a number of other western states, Alaska does not specifically require drivers to purchase insurance. Instead, it requires that driver have and have proof of financial responsibility. This means that a driver can, theoretically, post a bond for a set amount of cash or use a self-insured scheme to cover his financial responsibility requirements. The real catch here is that in order to do this, the driver has to be able to lay aside several thousands of dollars for this purpose and the arrangement has to be approved by the Division of Motor Vehicles. Realistically, most people do not have this option and must buy insurance to meet their financial liability requirements.

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