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Waimalu, Hawaii Car Insurance

At around 31,000 people, Waimalu ranks as the seventh most populous community in the state of Hawaii. Neighboring Waimalu, Waimalu can be considered part of the Honolulu metropolitan area and it is administrated directly by the City and County of Honolulu which encompasses the whole island of Oahu. One of the wealthier areas, Waimalu had a December 2009 cost of living index score of 161.3, which is considered very high, with the national average being about 100. As is expected in wealthier areas, Waimalu has lower crime rates, higher educational standards, and higher property values than many of the surrounding areas and is less overtly influenced by the nearby U.S. military facilities.

Having no heavy industry and no fossil fuels of its own, everything related to motor vehicles in Hawaii has to be imported via ship. The vehicles themselves, the parts and accessories for them, as well as the fuel needed to operate them. The result of this is that it costs a premium to own and operate your own car in Hawaii. Further, interisland travel taking car via ferry is limited (most interisland transportation is handled via air travel), so owning a car in Hawaii is of limited value. In 2008 a popular business magazine anointed Hawaii the worst state in the country in which to own a car and this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. Quite simply, if you want to own and operate your own car in Hawaii, expect to pay a lot for the privilege of doing so.

Realistically, most residents of Waimalu in particular are probably in a good enough financial position to buy a car if they are so inclined, and statistically apparently most of them are. Assuming you have the money to live in Waimalu, the minimum insurance standards are probably not relevant as you would want better protection than these minimums allowed by law. One thing to keep in mind though is that almost a quarter of all traffic accidents resulting in injuries or fatalities in Hawaii involve pedestrians. Therefore it would be prudent to ensure that your car insurance coverage is suitable to cover any pedestrian related accidents you may have.

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