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Topeka, Kansas Car Insurance

Topeka is both the capital of the state of Kansas and the fourth largest city in the state. Topeka has always played a key role in the struggle for equality for African Americans, being initially founded as a “free state” settlement, led by opponents to slavery and being a central hub of the “Underground Railroad”, the primary escape network for slaves escaping to the north. Later, Topeka was the setting of the famous Brown vs. Board of Education court ruling that led to the desegregation of public schools throughout the United States. Today the metropolitan area has almost a quarter of a million people and remains the center of state politics and administration.

There were 3,317 traffic accidents in Topeka in 2008, including six that resulted in fatalities and 804 that resulted in injuries. All said, throughout 2008, six people were killed and 1,155 were injured in automobile accidents. 367 of these accidents were related to people driving too fast and 161 involved drivers under the influence of alcohol. On the plus side, 90.5 percent of drivers in Topeka wear their safety belts, giving it one of the highest percentages among the major cities of Kansas. As a major population center, accidents are more common and this means residents will be expected to pay higher car insurance premiums than residents of other parts of the state.

Kansas does not have a state subsidized alternative to private car insurance, so drivers will need private insurance in order to drive. Luckily, the car insurance market is very competitive, so prices remain fairly low. It pays to shop around between insurance providers to find the best deal in Topeka. The lowest rates come from having only minimum standards of liability coverage and driving a vehicle that is valued at $3,000 or less. This combination can result in notable savings for the driver.

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