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Tempe, Arizona Car Insurance

Like so many of the most populated cities in Arizona, Tempe is part of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, serving as home to 170,000 of the 4.3 million people. Although Tempe hosts the headquarters of two Fortune 500 corporations and has a diversified economy, it is best known as a college town, as home to the largest Arizona State University campus. Tempe is also one of the leading recreational areas of the greater metropolitan area featuring a number of major performance venues, stadiums and arenas. One of the most popular areas is the Mill Avenue pedestrian zone as well as the Tempe Town Lake, which is a rarity in a city surrounded by desert.

Unlike many of the suburban cities in the metropolitan area, a lot more residents of Tempe actually work or attend school in the same community, so the number of resident commuters is somewhat lower, however many people come to Tempe from other communities to work so the traffic is still heavy. Tempe is the most densely populated of the cities in the metropolitan area and is strategically located between several of the major cities meaning that its freeways, in particular, are extremely busy all of the time. Having a Tempe address will probably mean having to pay an additional amount for any insurance premium based solely on the location since many of the risk factors that determine premiums are higher in urban areas.

Personal Injury Protection insurance is not a requirement in Arizona as it is not a no fault state. This means that people moving to Tempe will have to pay extra for insurance covering themselves as opposed to basic liability insurance that covers other injured in an accident. The Arizona equivalent for personal injury protection insurance is the medical payments discretionary insurance feature, so this is what new residents of Arizona should look for in this respect.

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