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When people are looking for car insurance in St. Paul, they are going to read about and hear a lot of myths related to car insurance that may make them confused. Here are some of the more common myths related to car insurance.

If someone hasn't had an accident, they don't need car insurance, this is something that a lot of people think, but it's a huge myth. Even though you may be a good driver, that doesn't mean the other people on the road are. Plus, it's a legal requirement to have car insurance.

A person's credit score doesn't matter, this is another big myth that people here. The truth is that most car insurance companies do take credit score and history into consideration, because they believe that people with poor credit scores are more apt to sue people.

Car color makes a difference, go ahead and buy that red car if you want it; it's not going to make a difference in your car insurance. There are things that the car insurance company looks at when determining a rate, but car color isn't one of them.

Everything is covered, a lot of people think that they are covered for anything even if they only have collision coverage, but in order to be covered for items other than accidents, you have to have comprehensive coverage.

If you are looking for car insurance quotes, remember the truth behind these myths and make sure that you aren't making mistakes that you can regret in the future. For drivers in St. Paul and all over the United States, knowing what is true and what isn't when it comes to car insurance will help to clear up any confusion. Car insurance is full of myths - make sure that you know the facts.