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It makes sense that a safer city would be a better place for people to live. Safer cities also cause car insurance companies to charge less for car insurance. A reduction in crime rates may not cause an immediate drop in car insurance rates for everyone, but maintaining a steady decline in crime over a number of years is a good indicator that car insurance rates will be falling as well. St. Louis has experienced just such a steady decline in crime, so residents should also be experiencing better car insurance rates than they paid almost 10 years ago.

Overall Crimes Dropping

The St. Louis crime scale has fallen slowly but surely since the mid-2000's. Crimes spiked near 2005, then started to fall in almost every category shortly after. Today, St. Louis lags behind several smaller cities in the state when it comes to violent crime and theft. If current trends continue, the city should continue to experience lower crime rates over the next decade as well. The city employs more law enforcement officers per resident than any other city in Missouri, which could be a big part of the crime reduction they have experienced. Reducing crime is good for everyone's well-being, and it saves everyone money on car insurance rates.

Auto Thefts Falling Sharply Since 2003

The most impressive drop in crime since 2003 has been in auto thefts, which relates directly to car insurance rates. The number of auto thefts in 2003 was over 2,800 thefts per 100,000 residents. Today, that number has dropped to less than 1,400 thefts per 100,000 residents. That is a significant change in the number of cars stolen each year, which will be reflected by a significant change in the comprehensive auto insurance premiums people in St. Louis are paying today.

Violent Crimes Slipping

Another segment of crime that has been dropping over the last five years is violent crime. The violent crime index has dropped from 1,294 in 2006 to 924 in 2010. Although they may not seem to be related, the violent crime statistics do still play a part in car insurance premiums. Violent crimes can change people's driving habits, and fear can lead people to drive in ways that are less cautious. When the violent crime index drops, accident rates tend to drop at the same time. Vandalism and damage claims also tend to go down, which can help keep insurance rates lower too.

Insurance Rates Slide with Crime Rates

Insurance companies see lower crime rates as good indicators of the risk of claims in an area. Lower crime rates mean that there will be fewer claims on stolen cars or damage from vandalism. Anything that lowers the risk of a car insurance claim helps keep insurance rates down for every individual. Anti-theft devices like steering wheel locks or electronic alarms can also keep your insurance rates down, no matter how good the crime rate statistics are. If you would like to learn more about your car insurance possibilities in St. Louis, enter your zip code into the field on this page and select three or more insurance companies to compare.