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Springfield, Missouri Auto Insurance

Allstate car insurance company sponsors an annual report that lists the safest cities for driving in the United States. Although the list does not directly affect car insurance rates through Allstate, the cities that rank higher on the list tend to experience lower overall insurance rates because the drivers have a lower chance of being involved in an accident. Springfield, MO, consistently ranks high on the Allstate list, which means that drivers in Springfield generally pay less for car insurance than drivers in other cities.

Springfield Ranks in the Top Ten

This year, Springfield came it at number 7 on the overall listing. Allstate creates the list based on the claims they have had to pay out during the previous list. Of all the cities that have Allstate customers, then, this report shows that Springfield residents are in the top 10 when it comes to avoiding accidents. The city reflects a trend that has been discovered geographically among Allstate users. In this year's report, the majority of the cities in the top 10 are located to the west of the Mississippi River. Analysts believe that western states have better numbers because their cities are more spread out and the states have more rural areas than those in the east.

Safer Streets Mean Fewer Claims

Regardless of the reasons for better accident rates in the west, the result is that Springfield streets are safer than the streets in almost any other city. Insurance companies appreciate safe conditions because it means that their customers will need to file fewer claims. If you happen to be a good driver and live in a safer city, there is a chance you will only need to file one or two claims during your entire driving career. That level of safety is good for you and good for your insurance company.

Factors that can Help Keep Accident Rates Down

Living in a rural area or a city that it more spread out does not necessarily mean that your city will have a great accident rate. Several other factors measure into accident rate reductions. Something as simple as a well-organized infrastructure can help keep traffic accidents down because it is easy to understand how the traffic is supposed to move. A good police force is also key for keeping accident rates lower. People usually drive more safely when they know that there is a good chance they will be pulled over and get a ticket if they break a traffic law.

Individual Driving Habits Make a Difference

Probably the most important factor for keeping streets safer and insurance rates lower is individual driving habits. Defensive drivers and those who do not allow themselves to be distracted will naturally cause fewer accidents. Good drivers in Springfield can take advantage of a sort of double discount on their insurance rates. They will receive lower overall quotes just like everyone else in town based on the low accident rates, and they may qualify for special discounts through their insurance companies for being safe drivers. To learn more about your insurance costs in Springfield, enter your zip code in the form on this page.