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Sitka, Alaska Car Insurance

Situated on Baranof Island, Sitka is one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in Alaska, being first settled by the indigenous Tlingit, it served as a major center of Russian colonization, and later as the capital of the American territory of Alaska. Despite this history, Sitka only has a population of about nine thousand people, which is enough to make it the fourth largest community in Alaska by population. Government and health related industries dominate the local economy, with South East Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) being the single largest employer in the town. There is also some fishing and tourism, but many people in Sitka live subsistence lifestyles, spending their time gathering the materials they need to live directly.

Automobiles are not particularly common in Sitka and with such a small population and limited income potential, only a small minority of residents can afford motor vehicles. In 2007, Sitka had one hundred and five traffic accidents, only three of which resulted in serious injuries and none of which were fatal. In general terms Sitka is a safe place to drive and there is very little chance of having your car stolen in such a small community. However, parts for repair and maintenance cost a lot, since they have to be shipped in by sea, which means insurance is likely to cost considerably more than in a more accessible town of the same size.

As a matter of state law in Alaska, insurers are obligated to provide potential customers with a variety of coverage options within the range of liability coverage you have requested. Further, these offers must be made in writing and you have the option or accepting or rejecting these terms. If you accept or reject a particular offer, this has to be verified through your signature. If you choice is not verified by signature, the insurer is obligated by law to issue your policy with coverage limits that match your liability limits. These unique laws provide some options that you may not be familiar with, so you should consider consulting with someone familiar with Alaskan car insurance before buying a policy.

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