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Shawnee, Kansas Car Insurance

Shawnee is a suburb of Kansas City, Kansas. It offers residents who work in Kansas City a place to live outside of the urban environment. Residents of Shawnee enjoy lower car insurance rates because of the basic statistics for accidents in the Shawnee area. The age of the residents, low population density, and low crime rates make it easier for insurance companies to offer lower prices because there is less risk of a Shawnee resident filing a claim for theft or damage. If you lived just a few miles to the north and east of Shawnee your rates would be very different.

Low Crime Rates

Much of the crime in the Kansas City area is centered around the city itself. The crime rates do not reflect a high incidence of violence, theft, or vandalism in Shawnee. Residents who purchase car insurance do not need to worry about covering the potential costs of having their cars repaired because there is less chance that their cars will sustain any damage through crime. The low rate of theft in the area is another reason that insurance companies are willing to offer residents lower car insurance rates.

Family Oriented Neighborhoods

The majority of Shawnee is made up of single family residences. Most of the residents are young adults starting families of their own. These drivers tend to be more cautious because they want to make sure that their children are safe when they are on the road. That caution tends to help the accident rates in the area stay low, which also impacts the car insurance rates. The widespread layout of single family dwellings means that there are fewer cars per mile in the city, which also helps reduce the odds that someone will be involved in an accident.

Affluent Residents

Most of the households in Shawnee are headed by people who work in high paying jobs in Kansas City. These residents can afford to purchase vehicles that have all of the latest safety features. They also tend to protect their vehicles with better theft deterrent technology. If someone can afford to drive a relatively new car, there is less chance the car will malfunction on the road and put the driver in danger. All of these elements are looked upon favorably by car insurance companies because they all reduce the possibility of a driver filing a claim for reimbursement from the insurance company.

Highly Educated Demographic

Shawnee is filled with residents who have high school and college educations. There are a good number of residents who also hold advanced college degrees. People who have more education tend to understand the rules of the road and follow them more carefully. These drivers are an excellent risk for car insurance companies because they rarely cause accidents. If you would like to find out how much you should be paying for insurance in the Shawnee area, type your zip code into the box at the top of this page and request a direct quote from three or more insurance agencies.

Shawnee, Kansas – named after the Native American Shawnee people – is the seventh largest city in Kansas and part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. Primarily suburban, Shawnee has a median income of some $84,208, with almost thirty percent of the population making more than $100,000 per year; this makes Shawnee one of the more affluent cities in Kansas. In 2008 Money magazine listed Shawnee as the thirty-ninth best American city to live in the United States and the entire community is designed to be very family-friendly. Until the 1940s, Shawnee was primarily a center for the local farmers, but after the Second World War, its history was more closely tied to Kansas City.

Although Shawnee is the seventh most populous city in Kansas, in 2008 it had no fatalities related to traffic accidents. There were 856 auto accidents, but only 173 resulted in injuries, hurting 216 people. Nine of these accidents involved pedestrians as compared to sixty-five related to wild deer trying to cross the road.

This statistic illustrates that despite being suburban and close to nature, the overwhelming majority of people get around via their own private vehicles. 140 accidents were related to people driving too fast and fifty-nine involved drunk drivers. Despite having a significant number of accidents, Shawnee is actually a fairly safe place to drive, so just living there should not result in a significant in increase in your insurance rates.

The insurance status of one’s car in Kansas is directly tied to the vehicle’s title and any vehicle that is titled to operate on Kansas roads must have at least the minimum standards of liability insurance to be legal. This is true regardless of whether the car owner actually drives the vehicle or not. The only way around this is to have the title itself assigned a “non-road use” status, which makes it illegal to operate anywhere in the state until it is re-titled as legal for use, a process that requires considerable paperwork and a new vehicle insurance inspection.

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