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Driving out of downtown Seattle during the afternoon rush hour can be an exercise in patience. Traffic tends to back up quickly on all of the major routes out of the downtown area. If you live outside of Seattle but work in the city, you will probably face higher insurance rates due to the amount of traffic you will deal with on your commute into and out of the downtown area every day. Finding the least congested routes can help reduce your risk of being involved in an expensive accident.

Afternoon Traffic Better Going South

In general, the interstates that run to the south of downtown tend to be a little less congested than those traveling north. If you do not need to travel as far as Southcenter, you may find your commute to the south of downtown Seattle is not too difficult at all. Traffic does tend to begin backing up around the Southcenter area and continues to be congested until you get all the way out of the Seattle metropolitan area. Your commute will be easier the closer you live to the city center.

Recent Road Improvements

Seattle has done quite a bit of work on Interstate 5 to relieve some of the southbound congestion. The conditions are still not perfect, but they are much better than they were a few years ago. The improvements have opened up some breathing room for cars that need to travel to the southern suburbs of Seattle. This might help reduce the cost of car insurance premiums for drivers who live to the south of the downtown area because they will face less congestion heading home from work on a daily basis.

Avoid Using I-5 if Possible

In general, your commute will be more comfortable if you avoid using Interstate 5 at all. Local drivers recommend commuters try to stay on highway 99 or highway 509 as much as possible during your commute. These highways are less congested and tend to move more quickly than the interstate, even after the city's improvements to the southbound lanes. It is also easier to get on and off the highways because they have longer on-ramps. Depending on the part of downtown you are using, you may need to take I-5 for a short length before it meets up with one of the other highways.

Northbound Express Lanes can Help

If you need to travel north from downtown, you may want to look into carpooling. The express carpool lanes from downtown can cut down on your travel time quite a bit. Some drivers choose to use the carpool lane when they do not have any passengers in the car because they believe the time saved is worth the money they would have to spend on an expensive ticket.

If you are interested in finding out how much you would pay for car insurance in Seattle, enter your zip code into the form at the top of this page. You will get the best results if you choose three or more insurance quotes.

Car insurance is a mandatory requirement irrespective of which state you reside in. If you are checked on the road and cannot show proof of your car insurance, you are in trouble. You would have to pay a fine at the first instance and if you are foolish enough to repeat this and get caught, your driverís license could be suspended for a few months. It is only a fool or a very careless person who would neglect taking proof of car insurance while driving. If you stay in Seattle, make sure you get Seattle Car Insurance Quotes to help you get adequate insurance to meet your needs.

There are many large car insurance firms in Seattle, who charge quite a bit for car insurance services. This is certainly quite unnecessary as smaller firms which charge much less can also give you superb service and they also use independent insurance appraisers in case of damage. These independent appraisers get a commission based on the quantum of damage estimated, which is why it is in their interest to get your claim settled as soon as possible.

That way, your car is also on the road much faster. While the larger insurance companies may have large lobbies working for them, Seattle Car Insurance quotes can give you a lot of information on the smaller car insurance agencies that are much more effective. It is estimated that many car users save as much as $600 per year by engaging smaller car insurance firms. So it makes perfect economic sense, doesnít it?

Be sure to compare prices and also get information from other users before settling for a car insurance deal. Do remember that not all big companies are really great in prices or services. Big companies also have large overheads and perhaps advertising budgets that force them to inflate their prices.

The smaller companies are able to provide specialized and customized, personalized service to meet your specific needs in a much more responsive manner. So donít be fooled by the large offices, fancy websites or the beautiful receptionists in the swanky offices of large car insurance companies. Look up Seattle Car Insurance Quotes to get the best deal!