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Scottsdale is a pleasant Arizona city that is attracting many part time residents. Sometimes called snowbirds, many Canadians and US residents from other states are finding their way to Scottsdale when the weather turns cold. These snowbirds are faced with some inconvenient issues when it comes to vehicle registration. If they are in Arizona more than seven months of the year, they must register their cars there. When they return home, they have to change registrations again.

Most snowbirds would prefer simply to register all their cars in one state under one insurance policy. But the most convenient solution is often not the legal one. While police generally will overlook out-of-state place during the snowbird season, if you are caught in Arizona a little longer, you will most certainly be fined. Arizona police enforce strict penalties on those who fail to follow vehicle registration laws. If you are in Arizona more than seven months, you need to register your car there.

Some people receive conflicting advice on this issue. You could call the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) one day and be told itís not a problem. The next time you call, you get the opposite answer. Some even find themselves being threatened with jail time right after being told by a MVD employee that they are not in violation of registration laws.

One oddity of Arizona registration laws is that they will not register a car that is normally kept in another state. So a snowbird canít just register all vehicles in Arizona and take one out of state most of the year. In the end, itís easier just to keep your cars registered in your home state and donít stay in Arizona outside of snowbird season. Oh, and donít get an Arizona driver license. That would make you a resident!

The best thing to do is keep your driver license and vehicle registration consistent and take care to spend less than seven months out of the year at your Arizona residence. If you are pulled over, a simple explanation that you are a six-month per year Arizona resident should suffice.

Of course, your other option is to establish residency in Arizona and keep your cars there. They will be less likely to rust and will probably last a lot longer. It may be worth the extra cost in trade in value later down the road. Thereís nothing that says you canít drive your Arizona car out of state less than seven months out of the yearÖ

If you do keep your car registration outside of Arizona, make sure the insurance where you live meetings Arizona insurance minimums. Bodily injury coverage should be no less than $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident. You also need $10,000 property damage insurance. Enter your zip code in the box at the top of this page to get quotes on these necessary Arizona insurance coverages. We recommend you get at least three quotes so you can compare for the best rates.

Scottsdale, Arizona, is the sixth most populous city in the state and like many of the other largest cities in Arizona is part of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, home to just under a quarter or a million of the metropolitan's 4.3 million people. The city has turned itself into a premier tourist destination, utilizing the American West as the theme and primarily caters to wealthy tourists. This tourist trade has made it one of the most popular areas of the greater metropolitan area and the hospitality industry is by far the largest employer in Scottsdale. The city has been compared to Miami's South Beach and has plenty of attractions as well as an energetic nightlife.

In 2008 the Scottsdale police department reported around four thousand, six hundred collusions within the city's borders. Scottsdale is a commuter destination (people commuting into Scottsdale to work from other metropolitan communities), has a larger proportion of late night venues serving alcohol, and has a higher proportion of tourists and other outsiders driving around. This all means that insurance companies will likely hold a Scottsdale address against someone seeking insurance. Realistically though, this would probably be the case regardless of the nature of the community simply because it is part of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

New residents of Arizona should be aware of the sixty day discovery period that is allowed by state law as this is somewhat unique and not commonly found in many other states. Basically it means that an insurance company has the right to cancel a new insurance policy for any reason after being approved. Precisely why this law exists is debatable, but it means that new residents of the state should be extremely careful when driving for the first sixty days after becoming insured, as the insurance company has the right to cancel the contract with no questions asked. Ostensibly the insurance company cannot drop a person's coverage during the discovery period based on location of residence, age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin or ancestry, but realistically this means little as no discriminatory company would come right out and declare this to be reason.

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