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Schenectady, New York Auto Insurance

In size, Schenectady is little more than neighborhood size when compared to New York City. In fact, this city is little more than the size of a couple of city blocks in the Big Apple. Yet, just like the rest of New York State, drivers must carry insurance in order to legally operate a motor vehicle. The minimum coverage is called liability insurance. Car insurance companies take many factors into consideration when offering coverage, some that you can change, others you can't.

Factors that you can't easily change that affect your rates include, your age, your marital status, where you live, driving record, credit score and occupation at the time you apply for coverage. Some factors that you can control are how far you commute to and from work, the number of miles you drive annually, whether or not you use your auto for business, your years of driving experience, whether or not you have safety and security equipment installed on your vehicle, as well as the number of autos you need to insure on one policy.

According to national statistics drivers under the age of 25 are most at risk for being in an accident, while drivers aged 50 to 65 are considered the safest drivers on the roads, exhibiting the best driving records. Women are considered the best drivers contrary to popular mythology. A married person will pay less than a single person with an identical driving record.

Geography matters. Insurers charge more if you live in congested urban areas with more traffic. This is because most accidents happen in areas where there are more cars on the road. Speed doesn't always play a part, since most accidents happen under 50 miles per hour and usually under 30 miles per hour. All Insurance companies will penalize you for bad driving. In other words if you have a number of moving violations, reckless driving or drunken driving tickets, you will always pay a higher premium. What you do for a living also makes a difference. Schenectady car insurers also draw correlations between occupation, distance and driving record. In other words, if you deliver papers for a living you will be charged more for your premium than if you're a banker's assistant sitting at a desk all day.

Either way, do some homework before settling on the best and most affordable quote for you and your family.