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Santa Fe, New Mexico Car Insurance

Auto theft is a big deal in Santa Fe. Car insurance companies place a premium on anti theft devices installed on your vehicle. In fact, they give deep discounts for any type of safety and security equipment on your auto. Seat belts and airbags are considered standard equipment by insurers on newer cars these days.

You would think that there are few accidents in a city where the average commute is 17 minutes. However, fatal accidents do happen with enough regularity to make insurers anxious about how far people drive and how often they share the roadways with other cars. Parking your car a couple of times a week to car pool, take public transportation or even to ride a bike to work, will score points with your insurer, causing the company to lower your rates.

The average speed during the fatal accidents was less than 35 miles per hour and these accidents happened on city streets, not highways, proving that mishaps can and do happen anywhere. Experts advise their clients to take a safe driving course, no matter how old they are and offer premium discounts to those who do. Other things that drivers need to worry about is where you park your car at night, what type of car you drive as well as who else drives your vehicle.

According to statistics the vehicles most stolen in Santa Fe are the Dodge Ram pickup, Honda Accord 1994, and Chevy 1500 pickup truck, in that order. Others on the list include the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Honda Civic and Toyota Camry, the 1990 edition.

State law requires all drivers to carry liability. However, shopping around and doing a little research will save you money, no matter what type of policy and coverage that you need. Car insurance companies are very competitive and are more than willing to work with you in order to get your business.