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San José is known all over the world for its advances in computer technology. The city’s tech sector has made major contributions to the technology insurance companies use to do everything from rate policies, track claims and find ways to cut expenses. Car manufacturers also benefit from technology in making cars safer and minimizing injuries, in turn saving money for insurers and their customers.

Some of the most important contributions made by the technology sector in car manufacturing include rollover prevention technology, tire pressure monitoring, early collision warning systems, rear view cameras and emergency response technologies. These all contribute to saving lives, minimizing injuries and preventing or lessening vehicle damage. And when people and cars suffer less damage, insurance companies save money and pass that savings onto you.

While insurance companies are rarely the first to implement new technologies they do realize some of the greatest benefit. The more insurance companies leverage new technologies like those developed in San José, the more you save on your insurance.

Analytics technology is another strong contribution by developers in the city. Insurance companies rely heavily on analytics to assess risk and make accurate predictions about the cost of claims versus the policy premiums they take in. Analytics also helps insurance companies detect fraud and set more accurate rates. The more accurate the predictions made by insurance companies, the more efficiently insurance companies can leverage capital, thereby saving money for consumers.

Some companies have even found ways for analytics to help them with larger commercial accounts. Analytics can alert underwriters about important risk evaluations needed when accounts begin to grow quickly. Underwriters could never find cost-efficient ways to do that before. While these growing accounts are being analyzed for risk, they can also be reviewed for cross-selling opportunities with other lines of insurance. Every contribution technology makes adds to the profitability of insurance companies and the savings for drivers.

One technology that benefits individual consumers is “pay as you drive” technology, information telematics systems that provide insurance companies with data on driving habits through a module plugged into the car. Individual drivers often save around 10% on their insurance premiums simply be letting the insurance company collect data about their speed, driving distance and braking habits.

Another new similar technology lets parents monitor teen driving to improve safety and reduce the chance of an accident. An onboard cameras is triggered when aggressive driving is detected. Parents can then view the video and audio. Another monitoring system uses global positioning systems (GPS) to track teen driving, including their driving habits and where they go. The system can email you when your teen arrives at a particular address.

Your insurance company may not be using these money-saving technologies. It’s a good idea to get some comparison quotes to see if a company that does use technology can pass the savings on to you. Just enter your zip code in the box at the top of this page to get three quotes and see if you can save money now.

There are many ways to help you find the best vehicle to suit all your needs if you simply take the time to look into it and gain some insight as well. If you reside in San Jose, California, you can rest assured that you will most likely want a vehicle to get around town. This is a big sized city that will offer you a lot to do if you have a way to get around. The population of the city is around 900,000, so this makes it a great place to work and live.

There are several factors you will want to consider when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle. It's a good idea to go over these things before you actually make a final decision.

Listed below are some things you will want to consider prior to buying a new car:

1. How much it will cost to insure the vehicle? You can get an accurate quote from most any car insurance company and this will allow you to get a good idea of what you can expect to pay in the future.

2. The safety features the new car many have. Always a good idea to try and get as many safety features as you can on your automobile for numerous reasons. The number one reason would be for your safety to help make certain you are as safe as possible. Also, you can reduce the costs of auto insurance significantly when you have certain features on your automobile.

3. The costs of the car is always a huge concern for most people and usually is one of the main things that will affect the final decision to purchase or not.

Take a good look at all these things and you can have a better idea of how to find the best car to meet all your needs.

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