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Salina, Kansas Car Insurance

Salina is a small city of under 50,000 people, but ranks as the eighth largest city in Kansas. Primarily concerned with agriculture, the massive grain elevators all around the city are by far its most prominent feature. Agriculture notwithstanding, Salina is also a factory town featuring a number of factories operated by major national and international corporations. Tony’s Pizza, a company selling frozen pizzas throughout the United States has a major factory there and represents the city’s largest single employer. The only significant city for hundreds of miles around, Salina serves as a regional hub for the central grain farmers and smaller towns in central Kansas.

Salina had 1,012 car accidents in 2008, a higher number than the population would suggest it should have had. Of these accidents, one resulted in one fatality and 298 resulted in 419 people being injured. The large number of injuries may be because only a bit more than seventy-five percent of residents routinely wear their safety belts when driving, which is not uncommon in more rural areas. Only eight-five of these accidents were tied to the speed of the drivers and sixty-eight involved drivers under the influence of alcohol. Twenty-six of these accidents involved pedestrians, meaning that more pedestrians were involved in traffic accidents in Salina than in all but six other Kansas cities.

Absolutely all cars legally titled to drive on Kansas roads must be insured to at least the level of the minimum liability standards mandated by law, even if the car is not actively being driven. The only way to own a functioning car in Kansas without the best auto insurance and without breaking the law is to have the vehicle re-titled as being for “non-road use”. However, if the car is ever to be driven again, it has to be re-titled and insured; a lengthy process involving considerable time, paperwork, and a new vehicle inspection. Therefore it is better to keep your vehicle properly insured, even if you will not be driving it regularly.

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