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The heavy winter snows in Rutland happen regularly enough that local businesses expect their employees to get to work in all but the very worst conditions. If you expect to commute during a winter storm, the type of car you drive is extremely important. Driving the right car for the conditions can help you keep your car insurance rates lower because you will be able to stay on the road and make it to your destination safely instead of having to file a claim after a car accident.

Lots of Subaru Drivers

The stereotypical vehicle of choice for Vermont drivers seems to be the Subaru. Every stereotype has a basis in reality, and the Subaru label fits Rutland well. Almost every other car you will see in this small city is a Subaru Forester or a Subaru Outback.

Residents say that their Subarus handle the snow better than almost any other kind of car, especially if they are outfitted with the right tires. The cars are smaller than trucks or SUVs, but they come equipped with powerful 4WD and AWD options that allow drivers to motor through even the deepest snowdrifts.

Volvo is Popular

Another popular car in Rutland is Volvo. These solid machines do not always come equipped with a 4WD option, but they tend to be more stable on snowy roads than other cars. Volvo's safety record is one of the main reasons Rutland residents gravitate toward these cars. Volvo takes great pride in their safety features, and that extra safety is something important when you need to drive several miles in conditions that are less than perfect. Since Volvo has consistently rated high in safety tests, car insurance rates tend to be lower for people who drive Volvos regularly.

4WD/AWD More Important Than Make or Model

Some Rutland residents claim that the make and model of the car is not as important as the ability to use all four tires when you need them. While residents might disagree about whether a Subaru or a Honda is the best car, they almost unanimously agree that the only really good option for any car in Rutland is a 4WD system.

Since there are almost guaranteed to be situations when you will need to drive in snowy weather, residents believe it is better to have the 4WD option than to hope for the best with a standard 2WD vehicle. Local Rutland drivers also recommend vehicles that do not ride too closely to the ground so that you can travel over deeper snow.

Hybrids that can Handle the Snow

Rutland drivers are divided on how effective a hybrid is for the winter months. Some drivers are able to get around just fine in a Toyota Prius, while others recommend a Honda CRV with 4WD. Today's hybrid market is not loaded with all-terrain vehicles, so you might have a hard time finding a hybrid that can meet the demands of the snowy Rutland weather. If you do choose a hybrid, make sure you equip it with good snow tires.

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