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Roswell, New Mexico Car Insurance

Roswell is better known for flying saucer and alien visits then it is for car accidents, so it would seem that insurance companies would make more money insuring space craft. However that is not the case. While saucers zip around uninsured, the state government requires all drivers of automobiles to carry liability insurance on their ground trekking vehicles.

Travel to and from work for most residents of Roswell is little more than 15 minutes, and most insurance companies will discount their coverage for that. However short travel time is not the only factor that they take into consideration. The kind of car that your drive, your driving record, and where you live as well as where you park your car at night, are also taken into consideration by insurers.

Driving a small, older car won't necessarily lower your premium if the small car happens to be on the list of vehicles that car thieves like to steal. If your car is on the list, then your premiums will be high. The Dodge Ram pickup tops the list of most stolen. But Honda Accords and Civics and Toyota Camrys are also on the list. Thieves value these older model cars for their parts potential. If you have a garage or can park you auto behind a fence, so much the better. If you have security devices installed on your car, even if it's just a steering wheel lock bar, you may qualify for a discount.

Car insurance companies are more concerned about how you drive in traffic rather than how you drive on the highways. National statistics show that most accidents happen on city streets at speeds averaging around 30 miles per hour. This is not to say that high speed crashes don't happen, just that it is more common to get into an accident within a couple of blocks of your home at slow speeds. One way to counteract this tendency is to take a defensive driving course and make sure your agent knows about it. It's sure to cut your premium by a few dollars on the month.