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Rockford residents are divided on whether it's a great place to live or not, but they all agree that the winters are very snowy. The northernmost central Illinois city's 150,000+ residents sometimes wade through as much as 50" of snow. That's how it was for the 2009-2010 season. On average, Rockford gets more snowfall than even Chicago's 38.7" in a season.

Rockford is an inexpensive place to live, costing 20.59% less than the national average, but job growth is negative with an unemployment rate above 14 percent. So many people come to Rockford looking for the lower cost of living while they commute to their jobs in surrounding cities. The trade off is getting to work in the winter in dangerous snowy conditions.

The roads in the city are famous for their constant potholes. According to residents, not one part of the city can say potholes are not a problem. Rockford is not the place to live with an economy car. You'll need a sturdy car that has a strong suspension and snow tires.

When driving in the snow, the first rule is to drive slowly. Icy winter mixes of precipitation can increase the danger. When roads get slick, drivers should not rely on anti-lock brakes or anti-skid technology. Four-wheel drive is little help either. These devices will do nothing to help unless the driver is traveling at a slow and safe speed.

Because of the danger of skidding, drivers need to make room for extra stopping time. Double the normal distance between your car and the car ahead of you. Not only does this give you more time if the driver ahead should go into a skid or stop unexpectedly, it also better prepares you to make turns without skidding off the road into a tree or other stationary object.

To slow down in snowy conditions, drivers should first take their foot off the gas and avoid putting it directly on the break. First, let the car slow down and then gently pump the breaks. This stops the wheels from holding a stationary position and skidding on ice. Each time the wheels are allowed to turn again, they are given an extra opportunity to grip the road.

Take the time to learn how to control a skid in case you are unable to avoid one. Steer the wheel into the direction of the skid and gently accelerate. This helps the tires grip the road and put you back in control of the car. You can practice your skills in an empty parking lot or better yet, get a winter driving school instructor to teach you.

Because winter driving is so dangerous, it is important that you have adequate insurance coverage. Find out if you are getting a good rate by entering your zip code in the box at the top of this page. You'll get a fast and free quote that you can compare with your current rate. It's smart to also get two more quotes so you can be sure the rate you get is the best available.

When you think of auto insurance, one of the first things many people begin to think about includes the fact, how to save money. It seems when it comes to auto insurance, saving money is easily equated with this type of insurance. There are millions of people that rely on various types of car insurance and this makes it very important to try to not only get the best insurance but additionally, insurance at a fair price.

For instance, if you want one way to try and decrease the amount of your auto insurance, one of the best ways is to be sure you make your insurance deductible as high as you can afford it to be. This means that the higher you make your deductible the more money it will save on the costs of your insurance premiums, which is a great thing.

There are many ways to help you reduce the costs of your auto insurance if you simply know how to proceed. For instance, you may want to take the time to try and find the best way to get more insurance at a lower costs, and when you really look for ways to reduce auto costs, you can do just that.

If you live in Rockford, Illionois, you will want to be certain you not only get great insurance, but also that you try to maintain it. Rockford is a large city, so you will want to be sure you get the best insurance you can and work at trying to save money at the same time. The current population in Rockford is about 150,000, so this makes this a huge city and one of the largest in the state.

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