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Rochester, New York Auto Insurance

The city of Rochester, NY, is notorious for the heavy amounts of snow it gets during the long winters. Drivers in the area need to equip their vehicles to deal with snow-covered roads during and after the frequent winter storms that blow in between September and March each year.

Area drivers recommend that you keep heavy weight in the rear of your vehicle to help it bite into packed snow. They also recommend that drivers purchase a set of snow tires to help with traction. Improving your ability to control your car on perpetually snowy roads can help keep your car insurance rates down as well as keep you safer on the road.

How Snow Tires Improve Traction

If you look at a normal tire after it has been driven on a snowy road, you will see that the entire surface of the tire is covered with a layer of icy snow. When you look at a snow tire, however, you will find that the treads have broken through the ice and are still able to grip the road easily. The depth of snow tire treads provide them with a superior ability to cut through snow packed roads without much trouble.

Mounting Four Instead of Two

When you decide to install snow tires on your car, make sure you install a complete set of four. It can be tempting to install only two in the front on a front-wheel drive vehicle, but doing this can make your car less stable. Using four snow tires will provide you with better stopping ability because the brakes will be able to control tires that are gripping the road rather than tires that are slipping in the snow. Your car will feel more balanced and controlled when you use four of the same kind of tire.

Making Tires Last Longer

It can be a chore to change from normal tires to snow tires every year. If you have the tires mounted each fall, you will spend extra money on the labor that is required to change out the tires for the season. A more practical approach is to purchase snow tires that are already mounted on their own wheels. This makes it easy to swap out tires when the weather changes. It also helps preserve the quality of both sets of tires because they are not stretched on and off the wheel twice a year.

Limits of Studded Tires

Some drivers prefer to use studded tires. Unless you drive primarily on rural roads that do not get swept regularly, though, studs can be ineffective. Driving with studs on cleared streets will just wear the studs down so that they do not work when you need them in the snow.

A good set of regular snow tires are your best bet for driving in Rochester. You will enjoy increased stability and have less chance of being involved in an accident, which can help keep insurance rates down. To find out how much you could be paying for auto insurance, enter your zip code into the form on this page.

Located in the western part of New York State, Rochester drivers are required to carry liability coverage on all of their trucks, cars and SUVs. Liability insurance is minimum coverage in the event of an accident. However, many drivers carry more insurance because liability is limited in scope. In addition to the minimum insurers offer comprehensive and collision coverage. It is important, however, to shop around and not take the first offer that you get, because the insurance industry is very competitive and different companies offer different rates for the same type of coverage.

Your coverage will be based up a number of factors including your driving record, the type of car that you drive, who else drives your vehicle, how far you drive on a daily basis as well as where you keep it parked at night. The better you score on this list, the lower your premiums. For instance, the insurers place a premium on driving less. The more often that you're on the road, the more you will likely have to pay. Most accidents happen within a mile of home, according to national driving statistics, and at speeds well below 50 miles per hour. This includes fatal accidents, too.

In Rochester, people have an average commute of 19 minutes to and from work. The area averages about 15 fatal accidents per year, and more than 1600 vehicle thefts for the same period of time. Driving an auto with safety and security equipment installed will mean that insurers will more likely cut you a break on your premium.

The best to search for car insurance is to do a search on the internet. First search out the various insurance websites. Then have the website pull together a number of quotes for a side by side comparison of rates in your area. Never jump on the first quote. Take your time and look at several before making your decision.