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Pueblo, Colorado Car Insurance

Pueblo, Colorado is a small city just outside of Denver. Many areas of the city are filled with upper middle class homes, while there are distinct pockets of lower income families. The disparity between the neighborhoods has created a clear difference in the amount of crime that occurs in each part of the city. People living in one of the safer neighborhoods can expect to pay less for car insurance, while people living in an area that experiences more crime will pay more for their insurance.

Distinct Division of Criminal Activity

The division between safe and unsafe areas of Pueblo is clear enough that it can be drawn on a map. There are parts of town that are known for the higher rates of theft, personal crimes, and vandalism. Other areas of town experience very few incidents that involve criminal activity. This division is stark enough that Pueblo almost seems as if it were two cities instead of one continuous city. The difference between the two parts of town is reflected in the rates that residents pay for auto insurance.

Areas That Experience Less Crime

The dividing line between the safer and more dangerous areas of Pueblo runs mainly east to west across the eastern part of the city. The area north of highway 50 and to the west is generally filled with safe neighborhoods that experience very little criminal activity. The rates for auto insurance in the northwestern part of Pueblo are markedly lower than the rates in the southeast corner of the city. Housing is also more expensive in the safer areas of town, which means that these areas continue to attract affluent individuals away from the dangerous parts of town.

Parts of Pueblo with Higher Crime Rates

The southeast corner of Pueblo is where most of the crime of the city is located. People living in this area will pay more for their car insurance because they have a higher potential for car theft or vandalism. Insurance companies consider research from police records in order to determine the risk of driving or owning a car in a specific area of any city. The higher rates of criminal activity in southeastern Pueblo cause the rates to be more expensive, even though the rates for other people in the north and western parts of Pueblo are considerably less expensive.

How the Crime Rate Impacts Insurance Rates

Insurance companies charge more for insurance in areas that have higher crime rates because they believe that drivers who live in these areas are at a higher risk for filing a claim. If you live in Pueblo and are not sure you are paying the right amount for your car insurance, you can use the form at the top of this page to compare rates from several different insurance agencies. If you ask for quotes from three or more agencies, you will get a clearer picture of how much you should be paying for car insurance in your Pueblo neighborhood.

Pueblo is the seventh most populous city in Colorado and situated south of Colorado Springs. With around 105,000 residents, Pueblo also ranks as the 245th most populous city in the United States. The city serves as the main transportation and business center for southeastern Colorado and is also one of the largest producers of steel left in the United States today. for most of its history, the steel industry utterly dominated the local economy, and although steel production has gradually declined since the U.S. steel industry collapsed in the 1990s, Pueblo is one of the few cities where the steel industry still operates and plays a major role in the local economy.

Unfortunately, Pueblo has seen a fairly steady increase in the number of traffic accidents over the last few years. Not surprisingly this has also resulted in a steady rise in the number of fatalities and injury accidents as well. Despite having a fairly low rate of drunken driving incidents, the city has invested a lot of resources in DUI (driving under the influence) enforcement and checkpoints, which has led to some criticism in view of the overall increase in the number of accidents. Virtually every drives in Pueblo, despite the fact that most people work fairly close to their residences (the average commute time is ten to fifteen minutes).

Pueblo has always been a fairly blue collar community and in recent decades has become a largely Latino (mostly Mexican and Mexican-American) community. It has also always had considerably higher crime rates that the state average and ranks second in the state after the Denver/Aurora metropolitan area combined for the number of car thefts. These factors will likely be held against residents purchasing car insurance and having a Pueblo street address. This may be offset some by carefully shopping around for the best deal as the Colorado insurance industry in general is extremely competitive and the overall state average cost of insurance has continued to decline over the last decade due to this competition.

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