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Moving to Providence? Pick a spot near a church.

Providence, Rhode Island, is home to more churches than any other city in Rhode Island. This doesn't just mean that Providence residents have better access to more religious institutions. It also means that the people of Providence probably pay less for their car insurance than people who live in other parts of the state. Research has shown that fewer automobile accidents happen near a church. Since there are more churches, more people live near churches as well.

Risk of Accidents Reduced Near Churches

A company called Quality Planning performs detailed demographic research for car insurance companies throughout the nation. Their research showed that areas near churches have an average of 10 percent fewer accidents than other areas of town. Living near a restaurant, on the other hand, shows an increase in the number of accidents recorded. The study does not indicate any reasons for the reduced number of accidents near churches, but the numbers clearly indicate that church neighborhoods are safer to live and drive in. Insurance companies recognize that extra degree of safety and offer lower rates for customers living near churches.

High Concentration of Churches in Providence

The city of Providence is home to a high concentration of churches of many different denominations. Large clumps of churches can be found in the southern part of town, the north of town, and the middle of downtown. In many cases, there are two or three churches on the same city block. Providence residents who can find homes within walking distance of these churches should have a statistically smaller possibility of being involved in a car accident. It would make sense that these drivers are also prone to having good driving records, which can lead to even more insurance discounts.

Zip Codes Have Always Factored Into Rates

Insurance companies have always considered a driver's zip code as an important indication of that person's risk of being involved in an accident. The higher the risk, the more expensive the coverage. It is possible to work at the same location with someone who is your age and drives a similar car but pays twice as much for insurance due to the zip code he or she lives in. Accident reports and the severity of the accidents that occur most often in a zip code area is a good way to determine how safe it is to drive in that area on a regular basis.

Address Location Tools make it More Specific

New technology is allowing insurance companies to consider risk based on an exact address rather than a more ambiguous zip code. That is why the insurance companies are beginning to look at the accident rates in relation to the types of businesses that are in the area. Restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores have been shown to be a higher risk, while airports and churches are low risk areas. If you are curious about your insurance rates in Providence, enter your zip code into the form on this page to learn more.

It has been made compulsory that every driver using public roads for driving their vehicle much have an insurance policy that cover both the driver and the vehicle. When you search for car insurance companies you may get a list of companies. But selecting the best car insurance company lies in your choice. One of the best car insurers are the providence car insurance company. The penalty for driving without insurance differs from state to state. Some state impose considerable fine, license and registration cancellation or suspension, also you can be jailed for some time period. So to get rid of all these happenings make sure you are insured.

The minimum requirement by the law in case of insurance is the third party car insurance. This is required in order to guard the third parties against some of the economical penalty of damage, loss or injury. It is optional for the driver to cover his car under policies for his own car damage or repair.

The following listing of coverage levels are common:

- The vehicle insurance
- The insured customer
- Insurance for third parties
- Insurance in case of collision
- Liability to bodily injuries
- Liability to property damages
- Insurance covering medical expenses
- Insurance coverage for uninsured motorist
- Comprehensive insurance
- Classic car insurance

Apart from the above listed policies, one can insure their car against the case of theft, fire damage, or accident damage separately under the providence car insurance company.