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Portland, Maine Car Insurance

Portland is not a city designed for pedestrian traffic. Spread across a large area, the city lacks the necessities for people who want to walk or ride a bicycle to every destination. You could get by in some areas without a car, but these tend to be either too expensive or less desirable parts of town. Even if you do not plan to drive daily, your best bet is to have a car available. If you are concerned about additional costs of owning a car, like car insurance, remember that you can usually find huge discounts if you only drive a few miles each month.

Limited Public Transportation

There is public transportation available in Portland, but you will need to schedule your trips carefully and expect to spend plenty of time making connections so that you can get to distant destinations. The bus system runs between 6:00 am and 12:00 am daily, so you will need to plan your travels to fit into the bus schedule. Another problem with the Portland buses is that they are generally in poor condition. The routes are not always convenient, and it can be uncomfortable to wait at a bus stop during the colder months.

Harsh Winter Conditions

Walking in Portland can become hazardous and difficult during the winter. Cobblestone sidewalks fill the downtown area, making for bumpy and uncomfortable walks and rides. The severe cold weather has also caused many sidewalks to buckle in some areas. Portland receives plenty of ice and snow and experiences long periods of extremely cold weather each winter. Traveling without a car in these conditions can expose you to dangers like falling, and the extreme cold can lead to health problems.

Dangerous Areas at Night

Portland is a city with a distinct car culture. Those who can afford to own a car will have a car rather than try to walk. That means that the areas of town that are easiest to live in without your own car tend to be low-income areas that are prone to crime. Some of these areas are perfectly safe during the day, but they may not be places you would want to walk through at night. You would want to keep a car in these areas if only to get you around more safely after dark.

Localized Sections are More Expensive

On the other extreme, there are a few sections of town that are in walking distance from shops and entertainment, but they are more expensive than other parts of town. These exclusive areas cost more to live in, which can cancel out the monetary benefits of living without a car. If you need to travel anywhere other than your neighborhood, you will have a difficult time doing it without your own vehicle. It is worth the cost of insurance to make sure that you have the ability to travel when and where you need to go. To learn more about insurance costs, enter your zip code into the form on this page.

If you reside in Portland, Maine you are living in the largest city in this state. This is a great city in which to reside because there are always tons of things to do. This means that you can shop, eat and have tons of fun while living in this huge city. The population is around 65,000 and this is large enough for you to find plenty of things to do. If you are living in this city, there is an excellent chance you will need auto insurance as well, because most people that reside there, drive as well.

The one thing that many people want to know when it comes to the amount of cheap auto insurance they pay each and every year is does it increase? This is an excellent question that many of us are really interested in knowing because we will pay auto insurance at all times throughout our lives and makes it quite interesting to know if it will increase most of the time.

The answer is yes, auto insurance increases just like everything else and if you are paying for vehicle insurance, it is very likely you will see some type of increase if you stay insured with the same company. This is what can really allow you to see the auto insurance increase when you are constantly with one company and see it gradually increase.

So, you can count on seeing your auto insurance continue to increase steady if you intend to keep it for any length of time. We all wish to get a good price on the costs of car insurance and it is entirely possible, when you take the time to find ways to save, but you almost count on the cost of your auto insurance increasingly a small percentage, most if not every year.

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