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Find the green lights in Portland with this App

A software company in Oregon recently released an iPhone app, called Green Driver, designed to help drivers in Portland avoid red lights. The app uses a real-time feed from the Portland traffic control system to alert drivers to the best routes to catch green lights. Drivers who helped test the app reported that it really did help them find better routes to their destinations and reduce the number of red lights they had to sit through on the trip. The developers are quick to point out that the app will not eliminate all red lights from your trip, but it should reduce the number you find.

How it Works

All you have to do is enter your destination address into the app and it will begin to map your best green light route for you based on GPS coordinates. The screen will display a map of where you are, with a blue line to indicate the fastest route to your destination. When you are coming up to a green light in an intersection, the app will let you know how many seconds you have left before the green light will turn red.

Save Time

There are definitely some positive aspects of a green light app like this. Drivers will be able to cut out the frustration of waiting through long red lights, so they will be able to get to their destinations faster. Even if a red light stops you, the app will give you a countdown of the remaining seconds before the light turns green again. The app should also help Portland keep track of traffic flow at intersections. This tracking system could ultimately lead to a more efficient red and green light system, which would save time for everyone.

Ecologically Friendly

The app's developers also point out that fewer idling cars means fewer harmful emissions leaking into the atmosphere. Drivers who can plan their trips through green lights will need to stop less often. Since an idling car burns gasoline at a faster rate than a moving car, cutting down on the number of red lights you sit through can help you increase your car's fuel economy. Cutting back on fuel consumption is good for your pocketbook as gas prices continue to rise. Lower fuel consumption is also good for the environment because it cuts back on our reliance on a non-renewable energy source.

Concerns about Distracted Driving

Police are worried that drivers will spend more time watching their phone screens. While it is legal to operate an app behind the wheel, it could be distracting. The app provides turn-by-turn voice instructions so that drivers can follow the instructions without looking at the screen.

The impact on insurance rates depends on which aspect of the app is more noticeable. Stopping less often could improve a person's safety and driving record, but driving while distracted could lead to more accidents. If you would like to learn how much you should pay for car insurance in Portland, enter your zip code into the form on this page.

If you live in Portland, Oregon, you are living in the largest city in this state. The city of Portland has over 550,000 residents, making this the largest city in Portland. It is very likely that the more people you have in one area, the more accidents that may occur. This is what makes having car insurance important, not to mention obeying the law.

There are certain minimums of car insurance you should have in Portland, and these consist of having a liability policy which must cover at least 25,000 per person for bodily injury and $50,000 per accident with $10,000 for property damage. This is the bare minimum of coverage. It is highly advisable to have much than just the minimum if you wish to have enough insurance.

It is impossible to predict when an accident may occur, so this makes it extremely important that you have some type of car insurance. Can you imagine getting involved in an accident and not having any car insurance? This could certainly be a major problem to anyone that doesn’t have the proper amount of insurance. It could even lead to bankruptcy and has in the past for many people that have not been properly insured.

If you live in Portland, Oregon, it is imperative you have the best car insurance you can get, due to the size of the city. Due to so many drivers being around, this can make having an accident very possible. So, you need to be certain you cover all basis and get properly insured. This is the only way to drive legally and you must have enough to cover for any major accidents that may occur; whether they are your fault or someone else’s.