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Phoenix, Arizona Car Insurance

Phoenix is the largest city in Arizona, with about a million and half people and the anchor for the Phoenix metropolitan area, which has almost four and half million people. This makes Phoenix the fifth largest city in the United States by population and its metropolitan area the twelfth largest in the country. Situated in the Sonoran Desert, the city is the most important one in the southwest, between California and Texas and is known for heat and strong Mexican influence. Though hit hard by the subprime mortgage crisis, the city has continued to successfully reduce crime and revive once decayed neighborhoods throughout the city.

Though Phoenix has hovered between thirty-one thousand and thirty-seven thousand auto accidents per year since 1995, new efforts at traffic control and safety finally began paying off in 2008. That year saw a dramatic decline in the number of accidents, down to less than twenty-five thousand. Despite these improvements, people living in Phoenix either in the city proper or in much of the metropolitan area can expect to have higher car insurance premiums based solely on their address. The simple fact of the matter is that many of the risk factors that insurance companies consider when calculating premiums are worse in urban areas.

Strictly speaking, Arizona does not require drivers to be insured, but does require all drivers to show proof of financial responsibility before they can register a vehicle. This proof of financial responsibility means that effectively most people must have insurance, since most people cannot afford the $40,000 certificate of deposit or bond required otherwise. The idea of posting a cash deposit or bond as an alternative to insurance can be a good idea for wealthy people that can afford to lay this much money aside since they do not lose the money if they do not need it, as is the case with insurance.

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