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Peoria, Arizona Car Insurance

By land area, Peoria is the fifth largest city in Arizona, but by population it ranks as number nine. An integral part of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, some 142,000 of the metropolitans 4.3 million people live in the city. In 2008 Peoria was ranked by CNN and Money Magazine as the fifty-fifth best place to live in the United States and it has taken on the form of suburban community with an emphasis of housing and most business being either retail or service oriented. Peoria was one of the fastest growing cities in the United states during the 1990s and has kept up with its expansion well. Today it boasts a lot of incredible natural space (though being largely desert this is not exactly green space per se) and a brilliant lifestyle infrastructure.

Statistically speaking, Peoria is one of the safer parts of the greater metropolitan area to drive in, having a well designed street system and being far enough from the urban center to not serve as a major metropolitan transit route. That being said, traffic can still be quite heavy, especially during rush hours since the majority of Peoria's workforce commutes to other parts of the metropolitan area for work on a daily basis. Though Peoria is not particular dense, virtually everyone has to drive in order to get around, so there is always plenty of traffic on the roads.

The minimum liability requirements for drivers in Arizona are described as 15/30/10. This means that in order to be legal, drivers must have a minimum of: $15,000 worth of coverage for one person in one accident; $30,000 to cover all injuries in a single accident; and another $10,000 worth of property damage liability coverage. The first two requirements deal with bodily injury, but this only applies to other people in an accident that you were in and does not offer you any coverage at all. In order to have coverage for yourself, should you be injured in an accident - regardless of fault - then you will have to purchase the discretionary medical payments coverage. This is Arizona's equivalent to personal injury protection common in other states.

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