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Parkersburg, West Virginia Car Insurance

According to the law of the State, the drivers in Parkersburg West Virginia must purchase bodily injury insurance policy along with the property damage liability insurance policy. The bodily injury insurance provides a cover to the drivers if they cause physical injury in an accident when driving on the road. Conversely, as the name suggests the Property damage liability insurance policy provides coverage to the insured driver against damage of a property caused when driving a vehicle. Therefore, as it is evident the Parkersburg, West Virginia Automobile insurance companies provide financial compensation for any damages or expenses caused by the insured driver if they cause an accident.

Itís also important to note that the West Virginia Auto Insurance companies should cover their client under the compensation of 20/40/10 ratio. This implies that the insured must be covered for a minimum amount of $20000 per person for bodily injuries, and an additional sum of $40,000 for injury insurance per accident. The insurance cover is known as Bodily Injury Liability or B1. Similarly the policy cover also provides coverage of at least $10,000 for damage to the property. In the case of the B1 cover, the insurance company honors a claim in case of an accident caused by the insured driver leading to injury or even death of another person including another driver, a pedestrian or even some other passengers. Similarly, the Property Damage or PD, in short, provides adequate cover of around $10,000 to the insured driver to pay for the expenses for repairing or replacing any property that is damaged due to the said accident.

It is also important for the drivers in Parkersburg West Virginia to provide a proof of insurance for getting their vehicles registered. Whatís more, this clause stands true even in cases where the drivers want to pay for damages from their own account without claiming any insurance too. However, in the cases where the vehicles are new and there isnít a full-fledged insurance policy in place, a temporary insurance policy issued by the insurance company can also solve the purpose. And to get the best insurance claims, you can shop for them online and compare the rates before purchasing a policy.