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Palmer, Alaska Car Insurance

Located about forty miles from Anchorage and connected to that city via the Glenn Highway, Palmer is now considered part of the larger Anchorage metropolitan area which includes some 360,000 people. Founded in 1915 as a railway station, in the Great Depression the community was refounded by impoverished colonists from Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota who were granted free land as part of the New Deal to fight the Great Depression. The result was the creation of a Midwestern community in the middle of Alaska. Today many descendents of these colonists still live in the area and work farms in the region, though most people commute to Anchorage for work.

Being connected by highway to Anchorage and since so many people in Palmer commute to Anchorage daily for work, Palmer has a higher traffic incident rate than many similarly sized communities in Alaska. In 2007 there were seventy-seven traffic accidents in Palmer, only one of which resulted in a serious injury. Generally speaking, Palmer should be a good place to drive in by Alaskan standards and having a Palmer address should not adversely your insurance premiums. However, as both Palmer and Anchorage continue to expand, sooner or later Palmer will be considered part of greater Anchorage in the future, at which point insurance premiums will rise.

Alaska has some interesting laws that require insurers to offer potential customers multiple options once they apply for an insurance policy. Further, these laws are very strict about how these offers must be presented in writing and how you must accept or decline them by means of your signature. These unique and unusual requirements mean that a new resident of Alaska should consider talking to someone familiar with all of the nuances of car insurance in Alaska before signing a policy in order to get the best deal available at the time.

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