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Owensboro, Kentucky Car Insurance

Situated in the tri-state region where Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana meet, Owensboro is Kentucky’s third largest city, but much smaller than either Louisville or Owensboro, having just over 50,000 people. A central hub of industry in western Kentucky, Owensboro hosts a number of industrial operations including aluminum processing, coal mining, and natural gas production and transmission. Despite being the state’s third largest city, Owensboro remains very much a small town and as such is an excellent place to raise a family. There are regular, family-friendly festivals throughout the year and the city remains a popular getaway for people in nearby Evansville, Indiana.

2008 saw a small increase in the number of auto accidents in Owensboro, having 3,144 in 2008 as opposed to 3,120 in 2007. Twelve of these accidents resulted in fatalities, killing thirteen people. 2008 saw 499 accidents that resulted in injuries, leaving 689 people injured. Despite being the third largest city in Kentucky, the city ranks seventh in the number of accidents and is in general a safe place to drive. Just living in Owensboro should not result in any noticeable increase in car insurance premiums or risk factors. 146 of these accidents were related to drunken driving, meaning that the rate of people driving under the influence is also fully proportionate and not unusual.

In that the local population density, the proximity to medical care (hospitals), and the accident rate in the area are all taken into consideration by insurance companies, living in Owensboro should provide drivers with good scores in all of these respects. The car insurance companies also look at the number of drunk driving incidents in the area and the number of uninsured drivers, and again, Owensboro looks like a good place to get a decent rate on car insurance. If you are moving to Owensboro you should certain spend some time shopping around for a new car insurance policy as you may be able to get a significantly better deal than elsewhere.

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