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Norfolk, Virginia Car Insurance

Norfolk, Virginia has more than 225,000 residents living in over 100 different neighborhoods. It is a busy city, acting as the business, cultural, educational and medical centers of the Hampton Roads area. It is home to the world's largest Navy base and one of the busiest international ports on the Eastern US Coast.

Right now, Norfolk is booming with renewal projects, including business, retail, entertainment and hotel building in the downtown area. Getting around this maze of construction, buzz and activity is a challenge and finding a place to park your car when you reach your destination is an exercise in patience.

Norfolk issues around 85,000 parking tickets every year, suggesting that finding a good parking space in the city may not be so easy. Only 15% of those tickets are eventually forgiven. While a light rail route will be running through downtown in the next year or two, for now, itís a matter of finding a good place to park your car or taking the bus.

The city of Norfolk tries to make parking easier for residents, since the revenue from parking areas and meters helps fill the public coffers. It operates approximately 600 parking meters, 13 public garages and 10 public parking lots. The NET bus system runs along the outlying, lower-cost garages and lots, helping drivers to get from the parking lot to their downtown destinations.

If you can possibly park in a garage in Norfolk, you may realize a savings on your insurance through lower incidents of hit and run accidents. Itís even better if you can commute into the city and leave your car parked in a garage at home. Where you leave your car overnight has a significant effect on your insurance rates.

Another important factor is how many miles you put on your car every year. If you drive in heavy commuter traffic every day during peak hours, you are much more likely to have an accident resulting in higher rates. But if you can leave the car at home, you may qualify for a low mileage discount.

But not everyone has a choice of garage parking or even leaving the car at home. If you absolutely must park in an open lot or parking meter, make sure you put your car in a highly visible spot to reduce the change of incidents. Avoid parking close to intersections where a car may try to turn too soon and strike your parked car.

Even when you are in a parking situation that can hurt your insurance rates, you can still shop around for a better rate every year to be sure you are getting the best rate you possibly can. Just enter your zip code in the box at the top of this page for a quick insurance quote. We recommend you secure three quotes so you can be sure you are getting the best deal. By shopping yearly for insurance, you can be sure you are always getting the best rate, no matter where you park.

Norfolk in Virginia is a fairly large city of over two hundred thousand citizens and happens to be the second largest city in Virginia. Norfolk, Virginia shares its name with a city of the same name in England and is the worldwide defense headquarters of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). It also has a very naval base which is the largest of its kind anywhere globally and is said to be the economic, military and cultural hub of the Hampton Roads Region in Virginia. In terms of transportation and connectivity too, the city is well connected and networked with the region around it through roads, tunnels, bridges and interstate highways. The waterways and the naval base found in the city dominate the economic and employment landscape and milieu of the city. This is in addition to the ship repair and shipbuilding industries that find home here.

Those residing in Norfolk are required to carry auto insurance. Insurance is so all pervasive in these uncertainty filled lives of ours and whether it is home or business insurance, life and accident cover or even automobile insurance, one cannot really evade and avoid insurance in its various forms. Car insurance is indeed imperative and people who forget to carry proof of it may actually face various forms of censure both monetary and otherwise. It is just not enough to have car insurance as one should also have the discipline of carrying insurance proof papers. The Revenue Department folks are quite vigilant and would like to ensure compliance with rules and regulations with all the resources and means at their disposal.

Car insurance can be of great usefulness as it helps in protecting against damage to the car. For instance if you have parked your car in the parking lot and you somehow back into the wall by mistake, it is car insurance that helps you with paying for the damages that could be substantial too. Well, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure and any person with any sense would take care to ensure that Norfolk car insurance is availed of, if he/she is a resident of this city.