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Newark Public Transportation Helps You Save on Car Insurance

The Newark public transportation system is one of the best in the United States. The system is simple to use and it covers all of the most popular destinations in town. It is possible to get around without a car most of the time without much trouble at all. You can save your car for special trips and save money on auto maintenance and car insurance costs at the same time.

Public Transit Saves You Money

Whether you choose to ride the train or take the bus, you'll save money if you take advantage of the Newark public transit system as often as possible. Leaving your car parked will cut down on the wear and tear on the engine, which will help you avoid regular maintenance costs. You'll also save money on gasoline because you won't need to fill up as often. When you drive fewer miles, your risk of being involved in an accident goes down significantly, which can save you money on your car insurance rates. Overall, paying for a bus pass or purchasing train fare is less expensive than the upkeep and insurance you would pay for if you were using your car more often.

Several Options for Getting Around

Newark uses a combination of bus lines, commuter trains, and subway trains to help people move around the city comfortably. The buses run almost forty separate routes through the city so that they are as flexible as possible for people who need to get to several different destinations. The subway connects different areas of the city more quickly because it avoids intersections and doesn't need to stop as often. A resourceful Newark resident could put together a quick and easy route using the buses and subways for running weekday errands.

Staying in Town or Commuting to Surrounding Cities

The buses and subway system are perfect for dining or shopping in Newark. If you need to travel outside the city, the train system will take you to common destinations like New York City, Hoboken and Philadelphia. Right now, commuters in Newark use traditional trains, but the city is in the process of building an even faster light rail system to cut commute times dramatically. Using commuter trains allows you to work in the cities without having to worry about parking or navigating through crowded thoroughfares during peak traffic times, which can help keep your insurance rates down because you will be less likely to get involved in an accident.

Drive Less, Pay Less for Insurance

Research shows that the fewer miles you drive, the lower your risk of filing an insurance claim. Many insurance companies offer special discounts for drivers who keep their annual mileage below a specific limit. Newark residents can take advantage of the excellent public transit system to cut down on their mileage and keep their insurance rates lower. Keeping your car parked more often will also help you avoid filing insurance claims for theft or other types of damage that can happen when parked in a lot away from home.

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