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Watch Out for Inconsistent Nashville Drivers

Inconsistent driving patterns can be more dangerous and cause more accidents than any other form of reckless driving. Someone who changes direction or speed unexpectedly can fool even the most defensive driver. Unfortunately, Nashville seems to have more than its fair share of inconsistent drivers who speed up and slow down or have trouble changing lanes regularly. Nashville drivers could experience higher insurance rates because the inconsistent drivers tend to cause more accidents. The fact that most of the inconsistency occurs on the highways at faster speeds could mean that the accidents include more severe injuries, which is also expensive for insurance rates.

Difficult to Pass

One of the most common inconsistent behaviors happens when you try to pass someone on the highway. It seems that the slower driver suddenly realizes that their speed has dropped off when another vehicle attempts to pass in the left lane. The slower driver accelerates quickly and speeds away from the passing car. In other cases, a driver will pass on the left and then slow down a few miles later without shifting back to the slow lane. The best way to protect yourself from people randomly speeding up and slowing down is to allow them plenty of room and try not to feel too frustrated by their erratic behavior.

Complicated Highway Splits

Some people push their way over to the left lane and then move slower than the flow of traffic simply because they are confused by the upcoming highway splits. In order to make sure that they will be in the correct lane of traffic to make their exit, they bottleneck the fast lane and wait for the split. Since many of the drivers on the highway are probably confused by the splits, they tend to switch lanes quickly at the last minute when they realize they aren't in the correct exit lane. Always leave room between you and the car in front of you as you approach an off-ramp because there may be someone who tries to muscle in at the last minute.

Racing the Red Lights

Another dangerous driving pattern in Nashville is people who continue moving through an intersection after the light has turned red. A good defensive driving technique in most intersections is to wait a few seconds after the light changes before you venture into the intersection. People making left turns are the most likely to continue rushing through after the light has changed.

Watch for Distracted Drivers

Distracted drivers can be the most unpredictable. Cell phones, car stereos, and other distractions can cause people to speed up and slow down without realizing it. Texting or looking away from the road for even a few seconds can cause the drivers to unintentionally drift into the next lane. You can protect yourself and avoid expensive insurance claims by staying alert and giving yourself space to react when another driver behaves inconsistently. To find out how much you should expect to pay for insurance in Nashville, enter your zip code in the form on this page.

Among all states in America, there are a few such as Tennessee that do not require any liability car insurance requirements. As such, it is quite easy and efficient to avail of affordable car insurance coverages needed to meet all your financial needs. In Nashville, there are many car insurance providers that one can make use of simply by logging onto the internet and getting an entire list of all insurance companies.

One of the basic financial responsibility requirements of the state of Tennessee is that of car insurance. Some of the ways in which these financial requirements can be met are by:

- Keeping the auto insurance card in an easy to reach place such as the glove compartment.

- In case the need arises, you should also have all other required written proofs such as binders issued by the Tennessee auto insurance company confirming that you have easily met all the necessary responsibility requirements.

- The Tennessee Department of Safety issued certificate that affirms that your deposited cash meets the necessary financial requirements.

- A certificate stating that you are qualified as a self insurer i.e. you are capable of self financing all your needs and insurances.

The above mentioned requirements must be met in order to be able to qualify for any car insurance in Nashville. Even if one is not in the best financial position and is unable to show any bond or cash, you can still save money by opting for different insurance policy plans. Some of the ways in which you can reduce your expenditure on premiums are:

- Always make sure that the premiums that you select are quarterly or half yearly. This helps to cut down on additional monthly fees.

- Choose a higher deductible limit. This effectively means that in case of any car accident, most of the coverage would have to be paid by oneself. But this also translates into cheaper premium amount.

- Try to purchase more than one insurance cover from the same provider. Many Nashville companies provide discounts when purchasing such multi insurance coverages from the same firm.