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Muncie, Indiana Car Insurance

With a population of just over 65,000 people, Muncie ranks as the eighth largest city in Indiana. The home of the Ball Corporation, Muncie is like other Rust belt cities that were once primarily manufacturing communities and are now in a state of flux as they try to redefine their communities and reorient their economies. Although at some point in the future it may become connected to the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area, this will not happen anytime soon and in the meantime there is a lot of controversy over how to proceed. Right now the largest employers are Ball Memorial Hospital/Cardinal Health Services and Ball State University, though it is debatable how sustainable this arrangement will be in the future.

The 2009 statistics have not been released yet, but the 2008 ones indicate that Muncie is a fairly safe place to be a regular driver. Muncie had 2,882 reported car accidents in 2008 that resulted in one fatality and 621 people being hurt. Out of these accidents, 123 were linked to drivers under the influence of alcohol and 278 were related to inappropriate speeds. The two worst intersections in the city each had twenty accidents in 2008: Wheeling Avenue where it meets McGalliard Road and McGalliard Road again where it intersects with US Highway 35. At 93.3 percent, seat belt usage is fairly common in Muncie.

Neither the size of the community nor its traffic patterns should result in any increased auto insurance premiums based exclusively on residence in Muncie. Quite the contrary, a driver with a good record, driving an inexpensive car, and without too many other risk factors should be able to get an excellent rate on basic insurance if they live in Muncie. Indiana is already one of the least expensive states in which to get car insurance (due to low minimum requirements and determined by the average annual expenditure by driver) and living in Muncie should not offset this favorable situation in any way.

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