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Insurance rates are based on several different variables. Poor road conditions that remain consistent throughout the year can cause many of the problems that insurance companies cite as their main reasons for keeping insurance rates higher. When you're driving in Montpelier, try to find the route that has the best road surfaces so that you can avoid expensive repairs or accidents that might cause your insurance rates to rise. Unfortunately, the overall effect of bad road conditions is likely to keep everyone's insurance rates on the high side in Montpelier.

Bad Roads Cause Increase in Vehicle Damage

Driving over a pitted road on a daily basis can quickly wear on your car's tires and suspension. Deeper potholes can actually puncture a tire and cause a blowout if you are moving too quickly. The cost of driving over consistently bad roads can be measured through car repair receipts and rising insurance rates. Montpelier drivers who carry comprehensive insurance will file a claim when it is time to fix the damage caused by the bad roads. Those claims can add up, which prompts insurance companies to raise their rates so they can better cover the higher cost of insuring Montpelier drivers.

Low Areas Susceptible to Flooding

Flooding over lower road surfaces is also a problem that can hit you in the pocketbook. Some of the Montpelier roads experience flash floods during any measurable rainfall. Even an inch of water on a road's surface can cause someone to hydroplane or spin out if going fast enough. Water that is deeper can swamp a car's engine and cause hundreds of dollars in damages. The best tactic is to avoid driving into water that completely covers a road surface because you can never tell how deep that water really is or how fast the water is moving. People who do venture onto watery roadways should expect some damage eventually, which will directly affect their insurance rates.

Accidents More Likely on Poor Roads

An uneven road surface can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles, especially if a new pothole catches the front tires just right. Accident rates in specific cities are one of the main tools that insurance companies use to establish a general rate for drivers. If the road conditions are bad enough to cause accidents, the accident rate will be higher and the insurance rates for all drivers in the city will be higher.

Montpelier Road Conditions Blamed on Winter Weather

Montpelier's city authorities blame the bad road conditions on the extreme winter weather the city experiences annually. Lower budgets for transportation are also mentioned as a possible reason for the poor road conditions. While road crews are actively working to correct some of the worst roads, they cannot keep up with the number of problems that already exist in the Montpelier system. Until the road repairs shift their focus from fixing emergency spots and neglecting potential problems, they will continue to rush from emergency to emergency and the overall road conditions will never have a chance to improve.

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