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Minneapolis, Minnesota Car Insurance

It is possible to navigate some areas of Minneapolis without a car, but it could be difficult over the long-haul. The public transportation system is convenient and there are bicycle paths beside many of the major streets. Commuting to work daily without driving could cut back on your car insurance costs as well as the cost of maintaining and repairing your car. It would be tough to live in the Twin Cities without at least having a car for a backup.

Suburbs are Safer in a Car

The Minneapolis area is made up of several suburban areas interspersed throughout the city. Drivers in these areas do not expect to come across people walking or biking during the normal commute hours. If you plan to navigate suburban streets without a car, you need to leave yourself plenty of time for the trip and make sure that you behave defensively at all times. Assume the drivers will not see you and give them a wide berth whenever possible. The money you save on car insurance by reducing your commute miles will have to be spent on hospital bills if you are not careful.

Biking is an Alternative

That said, riding your bike to and from work during the summer is a reasonable choice if you live within 15 miles of your workplace and you are in good shape. You will need to make sure that you leave yourself time to clean up after you arrive at work, but the early morning ride can be energizing. If you do not have access to a bus stop near your home, you will need to drive your car once the weather changes and there is snow on the ground again.

Public Transportation is Useful

The bus system through Minneapolis is comprehensive and easy to use. People who live near enough to bus stops have found that they could sell their cars and get through the city using the bus. Busing through the Twin Cities is less expensive than paying for car insurance, making car payments, and having the oil changed regularly. You are left to the discretion of the bus schedule, however, which can be daunting when you are in a hurry. If you plan to live in Minneapolis without a car, you will need to organize your life carefully.

Traveling further than a few Miles

There are times when you need to travel further than it is comfortable to go on a bicycle. You may also like to travel with your family if you have children. In these cases a car is a necessity in the Minneapolis area. You may not need a car for every trip through the Twin Cities, but it will be easier and more convenient if you keep a car as a transportation alternative when you need it.

If you would like to learn more about your insurance choices in Minneapolis, enter your zip code into the form on this page. You'll be directed to a page that lets you request insurance quotes, making it easy to compare companies and rates.

When someone lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and they are looking for car insurance, they are often bombarded by different rates from different companies. But here are some tips that anyone can use in order to pay less on car insurance.

Higher deductible - The first thing that someone can do to pay less for their car insurance is to choose a higher deductible. If they have an accident, they are going to have to pay more money up front, but that is going to make their price they pay each month less.

Take a driving course - The second thing to do is to take a driving course. This is especially a good idea if the person is adding a young driver to their car insurance. When someone has taken a driver's education course, they are better equipped for what could happen.

Drive less - The third thing to do is to drive less. A car insurance company is going to give people better rates if they drive less than 5000 miles a year. Carpool with someone to work or take public transportation in order to drive the car less.

Check credit rating - The last thing to do is to check the credit rating. A lot of insurance companies look at the credit rating of someone who is applying for car insurance. If a person has a bad credit rating, they should do what they can to improve their credit rating and that is going to help their car insurance rates to go down.

The thing to remember is that affordable car insurance doesn't have to be expensive, as long as someone follows the tips listed above. Looking for car insurance and getting it for the family doesn’t have to be something that is going to empty the wallet.