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Mesa, Arizona Car Insurance

Although Mesa is the third largest city in Arizona, in reality it is just a suburb of Phoenix and an integral part of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Originally a Mormon settlement, Mesa was established about fifteen years after Phoenix. Today it is very much like other large sprawling western suburban communities, with a broad range of neighborhoods from the very affluent to the very poor. Although there is some light industry, the economy is basically suburban in nature with an emphasis of retail and service industries. Mesa saw dramatic growth through the 1990s and was ranked as the sixth fastest growing city in that decade.

As is usually the case in western suburban cities, most of the population works elsewhere and more than ninety percent of the population commutes to work. Further, again as one would expect, the overwhelming majority of commutes to work take between fifteen and forty minutes each day, so traffic throughout the city is generally heavy. As part of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, people living in Mesa will pay higher premiums based solely on their address. The heavy traffic and the fact that some areas of Mesa have relatively high crime rates just adds to this fact.

Arizona is not a no-fault state, which means that drivers are not required to have personal injury insurance. The bodily injury insurance that is required by Arizona law does not pay for injuries that you sustain, instead it pays exclusively for injuries that you may cause in an automobile accident. Drivers wanting to cover possible injuries to themselves must have medical payments coverage as part of their car insurance. As a discretionary add-on feature, this inevitably costs more, however, it can be a good idea as it may be difficult to collect from the other motorist's insurance company even if you were not at fault.

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