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Madison, Wisconsin Car Insurance

The city of Madison, Wisconsin is infamous for the driving habits of its residents. Usually when you hear about dangerous driving habits, you assume that people are driving recklessly. In Madison, it is the exact opposite - the drivers are so cautious they are actually dangerous.

Timid driving can lead to as many accidents as reckless driving because it is just as unpredictable. Unfortunately, car insurance rates will be higher for people who live in areas that report high accident statistics regardless of the driving style that leads to those accidents.

Madison Accident Statistics

In a research study that compared the number of accidents reported per driver in different American cities, Madison was listed 16th in the nation. According to this study, there are only 15 cities that have higher accident ratings than Madison. Even the slightest fender bender can have a negative impact on car insurance rates. The accident statistics in the area where you live play a large part in the cost of car insurance, as well. People who live in Madison pay more for insurance because they have a high likelihood of being involved in some form of auto accident every time they drive.

The Dangers of Being Too Cautious

Cautious driving may not seem like a bad thing, but it is just as dangerous as driving too fast. When someone drives 5 or 10 mph below the posted speed limit, they obstruct traffic and cause the cars behind them to stack up unnecessarily. Drivers who come to a complete stop before making a turn are more susceptible to rear end accidents, as the drivers behind them are not prepared for the stop. Any deviance from normal, expected driving habits could cause an accident, since most drivers need to rely on expectations of the behavior of other drivers in order to drive safely.

Side by Side Driving

A common result of overly cautious driving is that cars will line up side by side on a two or three lane street. When these cars pace one another, they are unable to see each other through their mirrors or peripheral vision. This can lead to an accident if one of the cars decides to shift into one of the occupied lanes. Driving side by side at the same speed also denies other cars the opportunity to pass or change lanes at all, which can create frustration and road jams.

Aggressive Frustrated Drivers

Since the majority of the Madison drivers tend to be overly cautious, there are a smaller number of drivers who are incredibly frustrated by the tedious pace of the locals. As frustration mounts, it becomes easier to behave in reckless ways. It can become tempting cut other drivers off or pass using the breakdown lane of the highway just to maintain a normal rate of speed. The combination of overly-cautious drivers and the frustrated drivers that must share the road with them is the main reason Madison is so dangerous for automobiles. If you would like to find out how much you should be paying for car insurance in Madison, enter your zip code into the field on this page.

Madison is the second largest city in the state of Wisconsin after the well known Milwaukee. It is the capital city of Wisconsin and with a population of close to 210,000 is a fairly large urban agglomeration. The city has a history of being a predominantly government jobs based employment city which is now evolving to encompass sectors like advertising, biotech and health which are the new sunrise industries that are redefining industry the world over including Madison.

It is a high tech enabling city as it has the highest number of PhDs per capita of in any city in the US. Madison also boasts of many top of the class universities that are the pride of the city and the many students that flock from across the nation to this unique city. Madison also has the lowest unemployment rate in the US which is another feather in its cap.

If one is in the state of Wisconsin, it is natural that the local insurance rules for cars would apply and this is true of Madison Car Insurance too. If you avail of car insurance, you can rest easy as you are on the right side of the law and quite safe too as compared to a situation where car insurance is neglected. Car insurance rules make it mandatory to hold proof of car insurance when you are driving. Failure to provide proof of insurance can draw censure, financial penalties as well as impounding of car in addition to driverís license inactivation for a period of time.

Madison Car Insurance options can leave your mind bogged. Car insurance rates vary based on so many different factors that also incllude the make and model of the car. If you have a top of the line Maserati or Lamborghini, you cannot expect to pay the lower rates as are paid by people driving les costly cars like Chevy sedans or common Mitsubishis and Toyotas. In addition, if you take the pains of undergoing a comprehensive defensive driving course, you can prove that you are less of a threat and pose lesser risk to personal and others safety on account of which you can pay lesser car insurance premium.