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Los Angeles, California Car Insurance

This City of Angels, as Los Angeles is called, is one of the most expensive places to insurance a car in California. The state of California itself suffers from high premiums, being the fifth most expensive state to insurance your car nationwide. While a far cry from Detroitís average premium of $5,162, Los Angeles car insurance has residents reaching deep into their pockets.

Part of the problem with car insurance in L.A. is just the fact that California insurance is generally expensive. The average policy costs a driver $1,714.41. The stateís litigious culture causes more expensive and more frequent personal injury settlements that also add to insurance premiums.

There is also a high incident of cars driving without insurance in L.A., which increases the cost of Uninsured Motorists coverage. This also means there are fewer people to share in the cost of Californiaís Assigned Risk Auto Insurance, so each driver pays more that his or her fair share.

Los Angeles also has a high incidence of car collisions, so drivers are more likely to be in an accident that triggers higher rates. This comes with the territory in any major city, but traffic congested highways can make things worse. Add to that the large proportion of younger drivers (who always cost more to insure) and you begin to see why Los Angelis has high car insurance costs.

In addition, California drivers can see rate increases for seemingly minor traffic violations such as failing to wear a seatbelt or smoking while a minor is in the car. In a city like L.A., people are often busy and distracted, making it easy to forget the rules momentarily. They are more likely to be ticketed and therefore more likely to pay higher rates.

One tempering factor L.A. residents enjoy is that fact that California insurance companies can only rate insurance policies based on a driverís record. They are not allowed to use your zip code as a rating factor.

Some people beat insurance by taking the public transportation system, but some parts of the city are dangerous for subway travelers. It can sometimes be a matter of choosing between handing your money over to a criminal or handing it over to an insurance company. Of course, thereís much less risk of physical harm when paying and insurance company!

Itís also important to understand that rates wonít always be this high. You should check regularly to see if you are still getting the best deal available. For instance, average auto insurance rates in California dropped steadily between 1996 and 2006. That trend began to go the other way in 2007 when larger accident settlements and medical costs began to rise.

But if you look carefully, you can find reasonable rates. makes it easy by letting you enter your zip code in the box at the top of the page to get quotes from several major insurers. Chances are, one of the quotes you find here will be cheaper than what you are paying now.

If you are like most people you will do anything that you can to help offset some of the huge expense of auto insurance. It can be a real challenge to meet all your expenses and also be able to pay the much needed amount that is a constant when it comes to auto insurance. There are many ways to cut the costs of your annual insurance bills if you just know how.

One of the best ways for you to reduce the costs of auto insurance is by making certain you are very careful about the car you decide to purchase. When you purchase your new car, you should strongly consider getting a quote ahead of time, because this will allow you to seriously have a good idea how much you will need to pay for car insurance in the future.

That is most likely one of the best ways to help you know ahead of time what you will be paying for your auto insurance. A quote is the exact amount of what you can expect to pay and when you are able to get a lot of quotes you can actually compare insurance rates and this is certainly a good thing.

Always put to use your insurance agent as they will prove to be quite helpful when it comes to helping you determine how to get the lowest price on your auto insurance. They can give you some very valuable advice and this will allow you to find many ways to reduce the costs in various ways to help lower all your insurance bills. This is very important to anyone that wants to get a lower price on auto insurance and that includes most of us.

Living in Los Angeles, California will most likely mean you want to save all you can on auto insurance as this area can be one that has a very high cost of living.

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