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Little Rock, Arkansas Car Insurance

Little Rock, Arkansas, is one of the largest cities in the state and is home to several popular business and entertainment destinations. Anyone planning a drive in Little Rock should be aware of rush hour traffic congestion weekday mornings and evenings. There are some ways to avoid the congestion by planning your route carefully, but traveling during rush hour traffic will always take longer than traveling other times of the day or night.

Typical Rush Hour Slow Downs

As a large, metropolitan city, Little Rock experiences significant traffic congestion during the rush hours. Traffic usually starts backing up on the main thoroughfares at around 7:00 am and lasts for about two hours, tapering off after 9:00 am.

In the afternoons, rush hour traffic starts to slow down as early as 4:30 pm and continues to move slowly until almost 7:00 pm. If you can schedule your drive before or after these rush hour delays, you should be able to make excellent time through the city. Otherwise, you will need to have a plan for getting through traffic so that you can get where you need to go on time. A good motto is, “In by 6, out by 3.” Otherwise, drivers should wait till 9:30 am to travel into the city or wait till after 7:30 pm to leave.

Driving in From Outlying Areas

Hundreds of drivers commute into Little Rock every day. The interstate system is often overwhelmed with drivers heading to downtown Little Rock in the mornings and leaving in the afternoons and evenings.

Most days, traffic doesn’t stop completely, but it does slow down significantly. Some of the most popular routes into the city include I-40, I-30, US 67 and US 167. The risk of accidents on these busy highways can cause the insurance rates for drivers who travel through Little Rock on a regular basis to be a bit higher.

Dealing with the Traffic

Little Rock drivers can avoid some of the messier slowdowns by employing some smart driving tactics. The first thing to know is where the slowdowns usually begin. If you can take a highway exit just before the slowdown, you can find an alternate route ultimately reaching your destination faster than if you sat in traffic waiting for cars to merge. It can also help to stay in the farthest lane as long as possible, thereby avoiding the people entering and exiting the highway.

The Impact of a Single Accident

With so many cars trying to reach the same place on the same highways, the risk of accidents is greatly increased. Even a single accident on any of these commuter highways can stall traffic for miles. There is also the problem of gawkers who watch the accident site instead of the road, causing residual accidents.

The higher the accident risk, the higher your car insurance rates can be. If you live in or around Little Rock and want to find the most affordable insurance rates, enter your zip code into the form at the top of this page.

If you live in Little Rock, Arkansas, you are certain to know that you are living in one of the largest cites in this state. This is a huge city and the population is over 183,000 making it a nice place to live and call home. However, if you intend to drive in this city, you will want to be certain you are properly insured because if you aren't, it can end up costing you a lot of money.

One thing you will most certainly not want to do is to be without auto insurance because if you are, there are a lot of ways it can break you financially. For instance if you involved in an accident that is very severe, there can be all a lot of expense involved in it. You may end up losing your vehicle and this can be very costly to replace in itself. There are a lot of people who may feel that it most certainly is not worth it to be without the security of auto insurance.

One thing you will want to be certain of when you are looking for auto insurance is to be certain that you get the best coverage you can for your money. This may take some effort and may be something that you will need to take time to find. There are many people who are willing to assist you with this in the insurance business, but you must be prepared to ask questions as well as get answers. It can be a challenge to get all the information you want, but it is entirely possible when you speak to an insurance agent to assist you.

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