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Lincoln, Nebraska doesn't experience long stretches of stormy winter weather, but when the weather does turn nasty, the highways can close quickly. If you are planning to drive through Lincoln, you should be ready to deal with unexpected highway closures in the middle of the winter. Being prepared for almost anything is one of the best ways to avoid accidents or other problems that could have a negative impact on your car insurance rates.

Open Flat Spaces Easily Cause Blizzard Conditions

The reason that blizzards happen more often in Lincoln than in other parts of Nebraska is that Lincoln is located in a flat, open area of the state. When the storms blow in, there is nothing to buffer the winds and get in the way of the blowing snow. Highways can be extremely dangerous in these conditions, even if the snowfall is not too deep. Blowing snow can make visibility nearly impossible, so it becomes easier to drive off the road or hit something ahead of you because you can't see. The Nebraska department of transportation will close the highways if visibility gets too difficult during a storm.

Pack an Emergency Kit

You can protect yourself from many unforeseen dangers by simply preparing a good emergency kit to keep in your car at all times. There is no way to know if you will find yourself stranded on the side of the road for any reason during a snowstorm. Make sure you have a warm blanket, extra clothes, fresh water, and flares in your emergency kit. It's also a good idea to keep something like Fix-a-Flat in the kit so that you can deal with a flat tire long enough to get you to the next service station. An emergency kit can help keep insurance costs down because it keeps you and your passengers safer while you're on the road.

Keep an Eye on the Weather Reports

When you know you need to travel the Nebraska highways in deep winter, keep track of the weather reports from the areas you plan to drive through. If your plans are at all flexible, try to schedule your trip for days when there are no storms expected. If you have to drive while there are storms in the area, make a plan for the places where you would pull off to wait out the storm if necessary. You can get instant road condition updates by dialing 511 on your cell phone from anywhere in Nebraska.

Be Ready to Stop if You Need to

Even if the roads are not closed, don't put yourself in unnecessary danger by driving through bad weather conditions. Poor visibility can lead to accidents, which can be expensive and could cause injuries. You can keep your insurance rates lower if you are conservative about when and where you drive during the winter. A little caution can save you a great deal of money and time. If you would like to learn more about your car insurance rates in Lincoln, enter your zip code into the form on this page.

People in and around Lincoln Nebraska prefer big trucks to get around through their day. All drivers are only required to carry liability insurance by the State, before climbing behind the wheel of their Dodge Ram pick up or Chevy 1500 pick up. Both the Dodge and Chevy pick up happen to rank one and two on the list of vehicles favored by thieves, which automatically pushes up premium rates for those who own them.

One way to lower your insurance rates on these types of vehicles is to park them in a secure place, such as a garage, or behind a fence in a driveway. Truck insurers will lower your rates even more if you have safety and security equipment installed on the vehicle. Even using a steering wheel bar lock, will help your pocketbook.

Traffic accidents, when they happen on the wide open Nebraska roadways, happen at high speeds. The average speed for a traffic mishap or fatality is about 40 miles per hour. Auto insurers in this area give serious consideration to the number of moving violations, claims and traffic accidents on your driving record. One way to circumvent this is to take a defensive driving course and to let your insurer know about it.

Other ways to lower your premium include being older than aged 25 and also being female. Like it or not, young male drivers are considered the worst driving risk on the road and they are forced to pay for that distinction. Women are considered the best drivers and their rates reflect that. However, that are several ways to lower your rates such as parking your vehicle off the street overnight to guard against theft. Make sure your truck or auto has safety and security equipment installed. And you may want to consider trading in that flashy sports model for a less flashy medium sized sedan to get you back and forth to work.