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Lawrence, Kansas Car Insurance

Situated between the state capital of Topeka and the Kansas City metropolitan area, Lawrence is the sixth largest city in Kansas. Founded as a “free state” settlement to oppose the introduction of slavery into Kansas, the city played a major role in the “Bleeding Kansas” period of violence between pro- and anti-slavery forces in the territory. Today Lawrence is primarily a college town and ranks in the top twelve American cities having the largest percentage of artists in the active workforce. Lawrence has been in a growth period since 2000 and seen the median income increase by twelve percent since that time.

Throughout 2008, Lawrence had 2,554 separate traffic accidents, including five that resulted in fatalities and 583 that resulted in injuries, while the rest only involved property damage. Six people were killed in traffic accidents and 806 were injured in 2008. Only 64 of these accidents involved pedestrians since most people in Lawrence drive instead of walking or cycling. 287 of these accidents were speed related and 158 involved drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In general, these rates of accidents are high compared to rural Kansas, so drivers can expect to pay more for their car insurance if they live in Lawrence or Douglas County.

Unlike some other states, Kansas does not offer any alternative to having the cheapest car insurance. However, if a driver has been turned down by three different insurance companies, he can purchase through the Kansas Automobile Insurance Plan (KAIP), which automatically assigns drivers to one of the insurance companies operating in Kansas who than must accept your business though it is likely you will pay a lot for it. Of course, if you have been turned down by three different insurance companies, then chances are good that you would have to pay a lot for basic liability insurance anyway.

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