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Lakewood, Colorado Car Insurance

By population, Lakewood is the 4th city in Colorado, but like many of the top ten largest cities in the state, it is an integrated element of the larger Denver metropolitan area. The city gradually developed as the result of urban sprawl and was only incorporated as a municipality in 1969. This means the community has always been a decentralized satellite of Denver and lacks any sort of traditional town center. The largest single employer in Lakewood is the government, with the Denver Federal Center and the Jefferson County R-1 school district employing more people than any other institutions within the city. Only a bit more than thirty percent of the workforce that lives in Lakewood actually works there, with the rest commuting out to other areas every day.

Although the number was considerably higher in 2004, since 2005 the number of traffic accidents in Lakewood has leveled off at about 5,200 per year. Oddly enough, while the actual number of reported crashes reached an all time high n 2004 and them began to decline, that year saw an all time low of injury crashes and the number of injury crashes has steadily increased every year since. 2008 saw a dramatic increase in the number of traffic accidents that were drug or alcohol related, jumping from an average of around 290 per year (2000-2006) up to 448 in 2008. Police speculate that both the increase in the number of DUI (driving under the Influence) cases and the general decrease in accidents were both tied to the sharp rise in fuel prices and unemployment that accompanied the economic collapse in 2008.

As far as most insurance companies are concerned, residents of Lakewood basically live in a major urban area and will be expected to pay the increased insurance premiums stemming from this determination. Further, when compared against the number of residents, the number of traffic accidents is fairly high, a fact that will probably also be held against residents by the insurance companies. Luckily for residents of Lakewood, the fierce competition between insurance companies in Colorado has been gradually lowering the average cost of performing a car insurance comparison, so some clever comparison shopping would be a good idea.

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