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Kodiak, Alaska Car Insurance

Kodiak is the main city on Kodiak Island and the administrative center of Kodiak Island Borough (county). With a population of almost 6,500 people, it is the eighth most populous town in the state of Alaska. The island is known the world over for its excellent fishing (especially of salmon) and hunting (most notably of the famous Kodiak Bears). As such both federal and state government agencies charged with protecting the environment maintain offices there and the Coast Guard has a very strong presence. The entire economy of the island is largely based on tourism, and Kodiak serves as the central hub of the island, providing all the basic services and luxuries that are available.

While all of the additional expenses and complications of owning a car anywhere in Alaska also apply to Kodiak, here there are even more restrictions based on environmental concerns as well as the added expense of shipping vehicles and related material to the island. Very few residents own their own cars, with most motor vehicles being operated by either the government or private companies (taxis, shuttles, buses, and so on). There is a ferry which connects the island to the Alaskan Marine Highway, but since most people visiting Kodiak aim to head off into the wilderness traffic is limited. 2007 only saw 39 traffic accidents in Kodiak, none of which caused fatalities or serious injuries. There should be no ramifications to having a Kodiak address on your insurance premiums.

Location plays a big role in determining not only your insurance premium, not only in the sense of your risk factors, but also in determining adequate coverage amounts. For example, a person taking the highway and ferry to Kodiak Island stands a good chance of getting in an automobile accident far away from medical services. This could result in having to pay for an airlift and other incredibly high expenses related to distances and relative isolation of much of Alaska. Therefore, opting just for minimum coverage may not be a good idea for new residents of Alaska if they intend to tour around the state.

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