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Red Light Cameras May Contribute to Knoxville Accidents

Red light cameras have been installed in several intersections in Knoxville, leading to an increase in the number of traffic tickets issued by the city. Many residents feel that the cameras are simply a way for the city to increase revenue rather than increase traffic safety.

Confusion about the legality of entering an intersection during a yellow or red light has also helped fuel the red light camera controversy. Research in accident rates shows that the intersections with red light cameras are experiencing more accidents than before the cameras were installed, which is bad news for the insurance rates of residents in those areas.

Quick Stops to Avoid Running Lights Cause Pile-ups

The most common accident at an intersection with a red light camera is when someone slams on the brakes as soon as the light turns yellow. Drivers following the lead driver are not expecting the quick stop, which can lead to a chain reaction as cars bump into one another as they try to stop. All of these fender-benders can cause cosmetic damage that must be reported to the driver's insurance company for repairs.

Unexpected Driving Behavior is Dangerous

Drivers in areas with the red light cameras have begun to alter their driving habits to avoid being caught at the wrong time in an intersection. Some drivers are driving much more slowly, which can be frustrating and even dangerous in heavy traffic.

Other drivers are trying to beat the lights by punching their accelerators to shoot across the intersection before the light changes. Any deviation from the expected driving patterns can lead to an accident because the other drivers on the road are unable to react to the sudden change quickly enough to get out of the way.

Cameras can Reduce Broadside Accidents

The main safety benefit of the red light cameras is that they reduce the number of broadside accidents in these intersections. People are less likely to run a red light, so there is less chance that someone will slam into the side of a crossing vehicle.

Since broadside accidents are the most severe and tend to cause the most serious injuries, reducing the occurrence of these accidents could potentially save many lives in dangerous intersections. Reducing the severity of accident injuries is also a good way to reduce the number of medical claims to car insurance companies, which can help keep rates down.

Injury Rates Increase Although Severity Decreases

Unfortunately, the rate of rear-end accidents is increasing even though the rate of broadside accidents is decreasing. The rear-end injuries might be less severe, but as they add up they are just as costly overall as the broadside injuries were before.

More research needs to be conducted to confirm that the red light cameras are raising insurance expenses and causing more accidents in these intersections. Until more data is collected, drivers will have to continue to approach the intersections with caution and be prepared for erratic behavior from other drivers. To learn more about your insurance costs in Knoxville, enter your zip code in the field on this page.

One of the fastest growing states in America is that of Tennessee. Every year, there are more than a thousand new vehicles that are added to this vibrant state. One of the cities that is the liveliest in Tennessee is Knoxville as most new vehicles are added to this town. Every experienced driver will state that having auto insurance is one of the most important necessities when owning a car. Any good insurance policy will protect you in the case of a car accident. When searching for any car insurance policy in Knoxville, it is important to know the rules and regulations of Knoxville before.

To be able to obtain any insurance coverage, Knoxville implements that the driver needs to maintain a minimum liability auto insurance amount. The minimum requirements for auto insurance are 25/50/10. This means that in the case of single bodily injuries, $25000 would be the compensation whereas for multiple, the amount of compensation would be $50000. The compensation amount for any property damage in the case of an auto accident would amount to $10000. Any knowledgeable insurance provider in Knoxville would state that it is imperative that one sustains more than the recommended minimum coverage. When searching for any car insurance provider in Knoxville, it is vital that all necessary information is obtained and that all damage coverage relating to collision be carefully understood I the beginning itself.

Like most other insurance premiums, one needs to remember that all premiums vary from company to company. However, residents of Knoxville should be thankful as the state of Tennessee has one of the lowest insurance rates in the country. It is important that one visits different insurance firms to get a better outlook of the types of policies that they offer. One vital factor that should be kept in mind is that one should always choose a low deductible rate as this would mean they would have to pay a lower premium rate per year. To choose the best auto insurance provider in Knoxville, it is advisable that one makes use of the internet as almost all insurance firms nowadays have their own website.