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Ketchikan, Alaska Car Insurance

Ketchikan is a small town of around 7,500 people, which is enough to rank it as the fifth largest community in the state of Alaska. Once known as the Salmon Capital of the World fishing still plays a big role in the local economy, as does tourism. Ketchikan is the site of the largest surviving collection of standing totem poles in the world and this serves as a major tourist attraction. The town is also popular with hikers and others wanting to explore the surrounding wilderness like Misty Fjords National Monument. Ketchikan also has the distinction of having the highest zip code ever issued by the United States Post Office: 99950.

Ketchikan is not a wealthy community and in view of the additional expense of owning and operating an automobile anywhere in Alaska, the proportion of people with their own cars is fairly small. Throughout 2007, the city only had eighty traffic accidents, only thirteen of which caused any injury at all, and only three caused serious injuries that required hospitalization. By any standard measure, Ketchikan is a safe town to drive in and there is very little chance of unresolved auto thefts in a community of this size. Basic liability car insurance should not cost anyone extra based solely on having a Ketchikan address.

Alaska law does allow insurance companies to take a potential customers credit record and score into account when calculating the premium. Although some restrictions were placed on this right by Alaska Statute 21.36.460, having a good record will help you get lower premiums. Therefore, before applying for insurance, you should take the time to guarantee that your credit rating is as good as possible. To do this, obtain copies of all three of your credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and Transunion and make sure that everything is correct and that any errors have been corrected or removed.

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