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Kenai, Alaska Car Insurance

Once known as a port and a center for canneries, since the late 1950s and 1960s, Kenai has become dominated by the oil industry. With a population of about 7,500 people and a quick half hour flight from Anchorage, the city has continued to thrive and is now home of a major prison complex. Despite being founded as a Russian colony and having an active Russian Orthodox community to this day, Kenai was named an All American City in 1992. Kenai has also become popular with salmon fishers and other sportsmen that enjoy the surrounding wilderness. The Kenai Spur highway connects the city to Anchorage by land, about 150 miles away, making the stretch between Kenai and Anchorage readily accessible.

Due in large part to its highway connection to Anchorage, Kenai receives considerably more automobile traffic than many communities of the same size elsewhere in the state. Nevertheless, the traffic is not so much that it should resulting additional amounts being assessed to your car insurance premium. In 2007 Kenai saw 150 traffic accidents, none of which caused fatalities, but six of them did result in injuries that were serious enough to warrant hospitalization. In the same year there were 933 accidents in the surrounding Kenai Peninsula, which resulted in eight fatalities and thirty-nine serious injuries. This means the surrounding country side is far more dangerous to drive than the town.

Forbes Magazine ranked Alaska as the third worst state in the country in which to own and operate a motor vehicle and at least part of this rating came from Alaska's minimum liability requirements for insurance. Alaska drivers must have 50/100/25, or: $50,000 worth of bodily injury liability coverage for one person in one accident; $100,000 worth of bodily injury coverage for all people in a single accident; and $25,000 worth of liability coverage for property damage. These are the highest minimum requirements in the country and so car insurance is bound to cost more in Alaska than in other states.

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