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Kearney, Nebraska Auto Insurance

Kearney: A Great Place to Live, with Great Insurance Rates

Kearney, Nebraska, is located near the center of the state. It is home to a large university, so the atmosphere of the town is young and vibrant. Kearney residents tend to pay less for their car insurance because the crime rates in the area are so low. They also have excellent neighborhood networks and a stable community, which also helps keep insurance rates lower. The safe streets of Kearney benefit everyone who needs to drive and live within the city limits.

Low Crime Rates

Every neighborhood in Kearney has a low crime rate. The United States crime index average hovers around 320, but Kearney comes in more than 100 points lower at 202. Residents get to know one another, so it is easier for them to look out for each other. The reason that a safer environment can help you save money on your car insurance rates is because the insurance company feels confident that you will have a lower risk of ever filing a claim for theft or property damage. If the crime averages are low, your car has a better chance of staying safe. That means that the insurance companies can afford to charge you less for insurance.

Well-Educated Population

As a university town, Kearney is also full of well-educated residents. Almost 90% of the residents who are age 25 and older hold at least a Bachelor's degree. More than 12% hold a Master's degree or Doctorate. A high level of education in a community is also a positive sign for a car insurance company that is studying trends. Averages show that people with higher levels of education tend to drive more conservatively than those who have not completed as much school. All of the college graduates in town contribute to the lower insurance rates.

Family-Friendly Neighborhoods

Nearly half of the Kearney population is married, while only 7% of the population has ever been divorced. This provides a stable system of family-centered communities who are interested in keeping the city safe. Since most married couples also have children, they tend to drive more defensively because they want to keep their kids safe. Married couples tend to stay home during the hours when more accidents occur, and they don't usually go out with friends on a regular basis. This stability and interest in security makes car insurance companies feel more confident about offering residents lower rates.

Low Unemployment Rates

Unemployment in Kearney is 3.4%, compared to the overall Nebraska unemployment rate of 4.4%. Kearney residents are able to find and keep jobs, which means they can better afford to take good care of their cars. More than 80% of the people who work in Kearney also live in Kearney, so they don't have long commutes that would raise their risk of being involved in an accident. Traffic congestion is also lower in the city. If you would like to know more about how much you could be paying for car insurance in Kearney, enter your zip code into the form on this page.

The city of Kearney Nebraska is named after Fort Kearney which was built in 1848, and people began pouring into the area some 30 years later. The town was originally named after the Platte River before being renamed. It is located about a 168 miles west of the State Capital of Omaha.

Kearney car insurance companies provide coverage for those drivers who want it, although liability is the only type of insurance required by the State government. Many drivers carry comprehensive and collision based on the kind of vehicle that they own. The favored vehicle in all of Nebraska, including Kearney is a big pick up truck, either a Dodge or Chevy. These two vehicles also top the list of the most stolen vehicles in the state. The Jeep Grand Cherokee comes in at number 3.

Auto insurance companies tell us that accidents occur at high speeds starting at about 40 miles per hour. Most of the crashes occur on city streets rather than surrounding highways. Insurers are willing to discount their coverage for anyone who has safety and security equipment installed on their vehicles.

Other factors that will get you a discount from your Kearney car insurance firm include having a good credit score, a good driving record, driving a medium sized auto, as well as a relatively short daily commute. Limiting the number of other drivers of your car or truck, also helps.

However, some of the factors that you have no control over include your age and gender. Young men under the age of 25 are considered high risk since they are responsible for more moving violations and traffic accidents than any other group. Women, on the other hand, are considered the safest drivers on the road, which helps to give car insurance for women deep discounts in combination with the other aforementioned factors.