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Kailua, Hawaii Car Insurance

Kailua - the one on Oahu, not the one on Hawaii - ranks as the state of Hawaii's third largest settlement, though it is not incorporated, having all of its government services covered by the City and County of Honolulu. With around 37,000 residents, the city is primarily a residential one with a strong military presence. Kailua has also been in the news several times since the election of Barrack Obama as U.S. president since he has vacationed there a number of times. Kailua Beach is frequently described as the best beach in Hawaii and is regularly cited as the best beach in the entire United States. Kailua is also popular with Hollywood, being the location for the filming of several television shows including Hawaii Five-O (1960s), Magnum PI (1980s) and Lost (2004 to present).

All motor vehicles, the related parts and accessories, as well as the fuel to operate them have to be imported by ship to Hawaii, adding to the overall cost of owning and operating any sort of motor vehicle in Hawaii. Due to all of the additional expense, there are proportionally more pedestrians in Hawaii than in other states and even many motorists opt to ride small, fuel-efficient scooters as opposed to full sized cars and trucks. In 2008, Forbes declared Hawaii the worst state in the country in which to own a car based on the True Cost to Own (TCO) study that looked at additional expenses such as taxes, licenses, fuel, maintenance, and depreciation.

Being located on Oahu means that Kailua is better connected to Honolulu than many other communities in the state via the John A. Burns Freeway (US H3). Therefore owning a car is a more reasonable proposition for residents of Kailua than it is for many others. Although owning and operating a motor vehicle costs a lot in Hawaii, getting minimum basic personal injury protections and liability insurance is not overly expensive, and may be worth the effort for people in Kailua. As is the case throughout Hawaii, almost a quarter of all accidents also involve pedestrians, so this should be taken into account when determining what insurance to purchase.

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